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The Keyword of Avoid Getting Banned When Buying ArcheAge Gold is “Untraceable”

When it comes to buying virtual currency from third parties, there are always some reasons that “you need to do so” despite the risks. You may be sick of grinding all the day to collect the gold you need, you may specially need some gold to equip your character before the game update, or you may want to create a house, a farm of your very own, all of which are related with virtual currency, the same is true for the game of ArcheAge.



The update of the Dread Prophecies has boosted the archeage gold market a lot, players are in need of the gold to upgrade their characters for better PvP naval combats. When you need gold, directly buying some is the most convenient method, however on the other hand, you must concern about the aspect of security after all buying gold from third parties is unaccepted by the game official. Then What Is the Keyword of Avoid Getting Banned? It’s “Untraceable”.

Recently, considering about the circumstance of the Archeage Gold market, MmoGah has been using the Auction House trade method as the only delivery method at our site. If you ask for the reason, then I will tell you that this is the most “untraceable” by Trion Worlds.


The Keyword of Avoid Getting Banned When Buying ArcheAge Gold is “Untraceable”


No matter you know MmoGah or not, that’s doesn’t matter. As an employee of this site for elite gamers, the most appropriate word I think to describe Mmogah is Trustworhy. If you are a gamer of Final Fantasy XIV and have ever bought ffxiv gil from third parties, you may know us because MmoGah is the leading provider of final fantasy xiv gil in the market. We have our own professional players to produce ff14 gil which guarantees that we have enough stock to achieve the goal of superfast delivery. We are honored that we have been the largest ffxiv gil seller and we appreciate all of our customers for all your support. We all know that ArcheAge is a new sandbox MMORPG of XLGAMES, we have done archeage gold business for not too long time as ffxiv gil business, but we have the best service and have constant suppliers that also guarantees fast delivery.

  • Why we do not use Mailbox

Just at the beginning when we started archeage gold business, we tried this Mail method and delivered gold to players via in-game mailbox. But Trion is supervision on illicit gold & activities, and we all know that this method won’t be safe dues to the records left in the mailbox. These records are the most traceable proofs by Trion Worlds.

  • Why we do not use face-to-face trade

We have used face-to-face trade method for quite a long time and it’s a relatively safer method, it’s also the most commonly used trade method for other MMOs delivery. But after Trion wild ban wave it’s no longer safe. Some players also see their gold disappeared via this method.

  • Why we choose AH trade method

So considering the circumstance of the market, we adopt Auction House trade method. Even though this will cost us more for covering the AH fee for our customers, we still hope that we can try our best to protect our customers’ gold/accounts secure. Auction House is where commonly used for normal trading among players, so this is the most untraceable method by Trion.

We recommend players put different items and each item has a different price with others before exchanging gold with our suppliers, because this looks more like normal trades. If you want to avoid getting banned, please see the article of How to Avoid Getting Banned When Trading ArcheAge Gold via Auction House.

As elite gamers who buy archeage gold from third parties, you must concern security more than price, so choosing a legit site as MmoGah is very important. We feel honored to offer you with the most professional and helpful service, and we are glad to try all we can do to make you satisfied. If you feel free to keep contacting with us when you play the game, our suppliers will deliver to you as soon as possible, you must have a pleasant purchase here at MmoGah for your archeage gold and look forward to your coming!



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