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Tactical Skills of Fantasyland Fishing Contest in Archeage

By John Ryan2015-06-03

Fantasyland fishing contest is held 6pm to 8pm every Saturday night, and the entry threshold of fishing contest is very low, which just requires players to be able to fish themselves (almost every player is permitted). Here, Mmogah will be glad to give all players our experience in fishing contest.


Fishing methods used in fishing contest are in the same way as players catch a big fish, at first players go to receive a task from NPC Lulu in the Fantasyland, then speak to lulu and deliver the task, at last lulu will give you a special fishing rod and bait. If you run out of your fishing bait, you need to take blue salt shell (can be exchanged directly with Archeage gold without trading or finishing tasks) to buy fishing bait from NPC.


Now, Mmogah mainly shares some fishing tips with players and hopes to benefit all of you.


When fish bites the hook, there will appear the blood of fish, and prompt status is beneath the blood, according to the prompt status, you need to take out the blood of fish through pressing the corresponding key or clicking on the corresponding icon. You can pick fish from water on the conditions that the prompt status of blood is near 0.


Well, now here’s the question-which fishing technique is stronger.


Many of players are always in trouble when they fish, like fish’s unhooking and empty hook. Mmogah has to remind you to pay attention to the timing and the judgment of pressing keys and let us tell you about how to press rightly.


Players should pay attention to the icon above the character’s head. When the color of the icon is green, prompt status and pressing status are consistent, at the moment fish is usually biting the hook.


fish is usually biting the hook

When the color of the icon is red, you need to be aware that the timing and pressing keys are wrong, if the red icon appears time and again, which means your fish is likely to escape from your fishing hook.


 fish is likely to escape

Then players will ask about how to make a judgment on prompt status of icon above the fish rapidly and accurately.


Our web has summarized some experience: it is very likely to induce next specified icon, when some certain states appear in a certain order, so players can make predictions in advance and make the right choice.


In short, those predictions can help players catch big fish within the shortest time. Of course, catching lucky fish is not just a simple trick, but has a lot of luck involved, we hope all players luck, and catch big fish frequently. In addition, we still provide some other strategies for players, you can keep your eyes on our Archeage news.


PS: fishing is different from fishing contest, it needs players to prepare some equipment like ships, fish radar, and so on. Players need to use Archeage gold to equip their characters, Mmogah is also ready to provide best services of selling Archeage gold for all our customers. Thanks for your reading!


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