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Is ArcheAge Worth Playing?

John Ryan December 05th, 2014 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

I’m a staff of MmoGah.com, a website that provides ffxiv gil, archeage gold and other virtual currency, maybe you dislike this industry, playing games all by yourself and never buying gold, maybe you regard us as spammers. However, everyone has its own way to enjoy a game, not wanting to grind, spend more time, and so on. We are pleased to offer best services to you, protect you from getting banned, your good reviews and 9.8 high score on Trustpilot.com are the motivation for MmoGah to move on.

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As a FFXIV Gil seller, we have the confidence to say MmoGah is the largest ffxiv gil sale website because large number of ff14 gil customers have already been our loyal ones, however, to say frankly, our archeage gold orders are not so much every day. We have been selling archeage gold for NA/EU servers since it launched on Sep 16th, providing the most reasonable prices and best services, as what we do for FFXIV Gil customers, however, things go different, especially for recent days, so we asked some ArcheAge players about how they feel the archeage game, as well collected some info, reviews of ArcheAge on many relevant forums such as Reddit, ECA and Trion Official Arche Forum, I will give a brief summary in the following:

  • Disconnects & Queues

  • Getting banned & Gold removed

  • Bugs such as Marketplace Exploit

  • Too often delayed maintenances

  • Hack Shield Malware

1.Disconnects & Queues

When login in archeage game, it often has disconnect issues, such as “The gods has disconnected you”. NA/EU servers are often crowded, players need to wait a long time before successfully logining in, sometimes 10 mins, sometimes almost 2 hours, even for many ArcheAge patrons, cant avoid waiting in queue. So disconnects & queues seriously impact players’ experience. Some even joke that ArcheAge is Archequeue.

2. Getting banned & Gold removed

Trion is too serious on Arche accounts and illicit gold, they removed everything that seemed to be illicit and banned lots of accounts on October 22th. Even though it had no problem for auto-bots, archeage gold sellers, however, what would those normal players think when they saw their gold disappeared?

3. Bugs such as Marketplace Exploit

In November, dues to the fact of RNG boxes hacker, many illicit gains appeared in archeage game, breaking the balance in-game, Trion closed the Marketplace for several days dealing with the Marketplace Exploit. It’s normal for online games to have bugs, but don’t hope seeing our items being removed.

4. Too often delayed maintenance

Monday, December 1, Trion announced a maintenance dues to the server connectivity issues, the maintenance lasted for almost 2 days until all the servers came back online, such as Enla, Ezi, Lucius, Aranzeb, Naima (NA),etc. Maintenances seem too often and it always takes a longer time for restoring, players are concerning about Trion’s silence whenever having some issues.

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5. Hack Shield Malware

Recently, I have noticed a post on Reddit Forum talking about Malware in ArcheAge. When you install ArcheAge, Hack Shield is silently installed alongside the game without notifying you that you are also installing a rootkit, this malware cant be uninstalled if you remove either ArcheAge or the Glyph launcher. This leads to not few complains among Arche fans, you can read about details by the following link:

http://www.reddit.com/r/archeage/comments/2hyt4e/an open_letter_to_trion_worlds_and_the_archeage/

All in all, there are issues, complains, concerns for ArcheAge, as an archeage gold seller, our Arche orders have reduced a lot since last time maintenance, maybe some players are losing patience and enthusiastic to this game. However, I want to say, it’s the issues not the game, as an open-world sandbox game, ArcheAge is really a fun work and worth playing, the game itself is perfect, the cash shop and the way Trion handles their "normalization" is bull. Should Trion improve the way they deal with the game, would players like the game continually. On the other side, Trion has taken some actions compensating players for their faults.


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Trion has also expanded server capacity to avoid queues, dealt with issues that happened, why not spare some patience and give Trion a chance? If all your waiting help a good game, then it will be worth of it. MmoGah.com is always here providing you with safe archeage gold, friendly services, reasonable prices, we will also offer you latest game news, just hogging the mouse for you now!





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