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  • Is ArcheAge Unchained Worth Playing in 2020
    By Penny2020-07-23 00:00:00

    ArcheAge Unchained was announced in August 2019 and launched on Steam and Glyph on October 15, 2019. It has the same contents and the same updates as ArcheAge, but features a new monetization model that players buy one of three packs for one payment upfront, so there is no subscription and everyone is effectively a Patron in Unchained.


    Is ArcheAge Unchained worth playing? It has aroused a heated discussion these days. MmoGah here would like to provide some views. The video below is from a real player bulvine, in which he states some reasons why he thinks ArcheAge Unchained attracts him the most.



    Pay-to-Play Rather Than Pay-to-Win

    ArcheAge Unchained has done a great job at transitioning a gameplay model from a pay-to-win into a pay-to-play. So you would feel that the lack of funds won’t hold you back in this game.


    Varied and Beautiful Scenes

    There are so many regions to explore. Each of these has unique visuals and interesting quests and all regions feel alive even if there aren't any players in them. Speaking of the background, there are three continents, the East Haranya, which is an Asian African style and the West Nuia continent is characterized by a more European Castle style and then comes the northern continent Auroria.


    There's also a lot of space between these continents, which is pure sea. Once you get your first boat, whether it’s a fast sailboat called a clipper or a fisherman's boat, you'll be traversing to see the beauty of the sea quite often. What’s more, you never feel alone since one main way people make money is fishing. Besides, people who roam the seas looking to raid called fishermen. There are ghost ships that will appear out of nowhere and try to attack you, which are called jellyfish monsters. No matter where you are in this world, there is some sort of interaction.


    In-game Non Instance Player Housing

    You can have your own home in the world itself.


    ArcheAge Unchained


    There are specific areas in each region that is specifically set up for player housing and farms. You can get the building certificate or farm certificate and find an open area to place it in. Then you can actually build the house by adding various building packs to it. It will give you the feeling that you are truly living in this world, since your own home and farms can be decorated whatever you like. Each home and farm can be further upgraded to bigger and better ones if you wish. Each of them has its own perks. For example, the mining home provides free materials every few hours and the ocean dwelling homes can provide fish turn in spots. You maintain these plots by paying a weekly tax .Taxes are earned by using your labor points to receive tax certifications, so your home will be able to be paid a month in advance and once your time's up it will disappear with most items being returned to you via the in-game mail system.


    True Open World PvP

    Each continent has this regions that are safe zones where the opposing faction can not instigate PvP, but if there is an enemy in your safe area, you may attack them first and only then may they retaliate. The open world PvP may sound very annoying, especially to a new player, but it really is not a hindrance at all. New players will get killed by the enemy faction but you will only lose some durability of your gear.


    About Making Money

    The main focus of the game is making ArcheAge Unchained Gold and every aspect of the game is based around managing your labor and gold ratios. Each task you do is associated with making gold and taking labor. Whether you plant something or catch a fish, labor is always a necessity.


    There are many ways to make money in ArcheAge Unchained. You can specialize in being a farmer where you grow base materials and further process those materials or just sell them on the auction house market. Or you can be a merchant and make trade packs that are created in a specific region and delivered and sold in other regions .The more dangerous the trip is, the more income you will receive.


    There are also other ways to make money in ArcheAge Unchained. If it is easy to make, then it is a small payout. If it is hard to make money, then it is going to be much more time-intensive.


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