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How to Improve Fishing in Archeage

John Ryan Date: June 17th, 2015 Views: 11025 archeage gold fishing spot archeage

There are various kinds of gameplays in Archeage, as long as players like, they can experience the colorful game which is just like real life. Fishing, planting, robbery, running a business, forging and so on, all can bring players a good income, and help them upgrade in Archeage. Here our Archeage gold site is ready to introduce fishing spots (our site has introduced the Fantasy fishing contest before) to all of the players in detail.



Fishing preparation:

Fishing workbenches, fishing rods, fishing baits, fish radars, fishing ships all are easily prepared, players should pay more attention to fishing spots. (Our site advises player to buy those equipment prepared with Archeage gold, which is the fastest, the most convenient method. As a selling gold site, we always serve our customers with fastest, safest, cheapest Archeage gold)

fishing spot


Fishing spots

  •     Residential areas on the sea

           Seafood can grow in the senior housing areas on the sea which equal to 4 pieces of marine habitats, and their value is self-evident, and more importantly, handing in fish is extremely efficient without landing.


  •     Public fish platforms

           Players need to land the fish and climb up the ladder to hand in fish, however the ladder is also around the fish, so players can still save time.


  •     Security areas

           In order to make sure that they are not be robbed when handing in fish, so players need to make deals in the security areas.


  •     Depopulated zone

           It is a square, rich in fish, what’s more nobody here.


  •     Near to the security areas

           There are rich in fish near the security areas.


Our site will put the five spots in order for all players to choose their best fishing places.

          1. Residential areas on the sea: western continent is around the areas, even if players are robbed when they hand in their fish, the fish cannot be taken away.

          2. Depopulated zone: as long as players put scarecrows here to keep their fish, they can drive enough ships to slowly hand in their fish at night.

          3. Near to the security areas: there are major port areas and lots of larger vessels, players have more chances of handing in their fish.

          4. Public fish platforms: although they are golden spots, traders from other continents run trade here, so there are slightly higher risks.

          5. Security areas: players are needed high-quality skills here, so handing in fish here is harder than other places.


Fishing efficiency

Players need to improve their fishing efficiency, which can make players fish and hand in fish faster. We assume it takes players’ 45 minutes to fish at a time, which means that the high fishing efficiency determines that they earn more money within the same time. Fishing efficiency mostly depends on good preparation, here players should realize the importance of Archeage gold.


All in all, our site analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the fishing sites and fishing efficiency for all players, and we hope to benefit all of the players. If players want to know more about Archeage, please keep your eyes on our Archeage news.


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