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Complete Archeage Strategies for New Players

Nowadays Archeage is more and more popular among players, so more new players begin to play Archeage, in order to make new players know about Archeage completely, our Archeage gold site here is glad to share Archeage strategies with all new players.

At first new players need to select game characters as they like. After selecting game characters and game professions, players can officially travel in Archeage world-land, sea and air (world’s first third-generation online game). With overlapping steep peaks, blue sea, waterfalls, players begin their adventures of Archeage.


  • Receiving and delivering tasks


After entering Archeage, players will see the animations of racial origins of their characters, for example, players choose Firran race, so the opening animation is about Firran race’s histories. After watching the animation, there will appear NPC identified, which means that players officially begin to receive and deliver tasks. At the beginning, there are lots of initially low level tasks, but the final boss will wait for players at the end of a series of tasks, more importantly, players cannot deal with the boss alone, so they need partners to accomplish tasks quickly.


  • Basic combat system


Basic combat system of Archeage adopts DPS system (players can adjust characters’ distance, direction, movement and attack characteristics at random), the operation and the system of Archeage are more perfect than WOW. Perfect combat system makes up for some inherent flaws of similar games, such as the diversification of attacks and skills, which will make players better enjoy the game and make combats stronger and more exciting.


  • Battlefield system


Many MMORPG games have their own battlefield systems, but the battlefield system of Archeage is different from others, because training dummy locations are added to Archeage, after reaching level CAP, players can experience siege battles, and gain points through siege battles.


Here our site wants to remind new players to equip themselves well during combat system and battlefield system, as we know, equipment is very important on the battle field. At the moment, new players should learn about the importance of Archeage gold, almost players’ equipment is bought with Archeage gold, and Archeage gold is really a good helper of players. Our site provides fastest, cheapest and safest Archeage gold for our customers all the time.


  • Justice system


Players can attack other players according to their own analysis, and steal other players’ a variety of cultivated crops through interaction system, which could lead to war between the players, so a very interesting justice system is added to Archeage. If players kill or rob other’s properties, which will increase players’ crime points. When the points reach a certain quantity, players will get appropriate penalties. Then, the system will call witnesses to participate in trials.


After the trials, players will enter into prison. Players need to reform through labor to shorten their length of time in prison. If players escape from prison many times, they may become pirates.


  • Life skills


Archeage owns the superrich production systems, including production, construction, manufacture and entertainment. The system recovers a certain degree of labor points for players at a specified time every day, then labor points are used in manufacture. The good news is that labor points can be borrowed from each other in Archeage, if players lack labor points, they can ask others for help, if players have excessive labor points, they can provide help for others. As for players who have no friends or can't borrow labor points, and then NPC can be hired as a labor force.


  • Riding and building skills


In addition, the housing system is also one of the highlights in Archeage. After building houses, players can take a rest, have fun, and also make all kinds of furniture and furnishings for their houses. Not only that, players can work together to build a City Hall to recover their labor points.


When reaching level 5, players can gain mounts through accomplishing tasks, and then fight with other players on their mounts. Mounts can improve players’ abilities of defense. Players’ riding postures will change, with releasing the skills on their mounts. All mounts have lives in Archeage, when mounts’ lives are exhausted, players can use some gold coins to revive their mounts. In addition, Archeage has riding warfare system, which means that players can fight with their enemies without dismounting from mounts.


If players want to know more about Archeage, please keep your eyes on our Archeage news, or leave your messages (what you want to know about) to us here. Thanks for reading!


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