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Choosing the Most Suitable Equipment in Archeage

Equipment is the most important in Archeage, all players know that they should pay more attention on that, while many players do not know how to match and use equipment. Here, Mmogah is glad to give all players introductions about the equipment in detail:

 the most suitable weapons

There are 4 main ways of obtaining equipment in Archeage, namely monster drop, production, tasks access, associate treasure chest. Players can obtain the equipment of quest rewards after completing the missions of main lines or branch lines. When adventuring or killing monsters in the process of association, players have a chance to get unidentified equipment dropped, and the equipment dropped is obtained after being opened; when killing monsters and bosses during the process of association, players also get authenticated equipment dropped and the equipment is obtained after the associate treasure chest is opened. Forging production skill, craft, sewing, woodwork, leatherwork, all can help produce sets of equipment and weapons (players will find the importance of Archeage gold during the process of production).


Set systems:

Most of the equipment which is obtained by players through accomplishing tasks can be matched sets, when the number of each set equipped by player is 4, set properties can be activated. However, it will take you lots of time to accomplish tasks, so Mmogah recommends players to use Archeage gold to buy the equipment, and as a ten-year selling gold web, we guarantee that we provide faster, safer and cheaper services for players.


Equipment levels:

There are 11 equipment levels in Archeage: normal level (white), good level (green), rare level (blue), excellent level (purple), perfect level (yellow), epic level (orange), legendary level (red), ancient level (bronze), immortal level (light blue), holy level (gold), god level (red). Higher qualities equipment is, more properties equipment are. Players can see equipment levels in the upper right corner of the interface, or see the color of equipment.


Equipment types:


  • Weapons (obsidian weapons are recently updated and many players like to use obsidian weapons to equip themselves)

obsidian weapons

There are 4 kinds of weapons in Archeage respectively, namely the left-handed weapons, deputy weapons, ranged weapons and musical instruments. Ranged weapons are mainly bows, musical instruments are mainly Lutes, flutes and drums. Left hands and deputies can be equipped with other formal weapons, such as swords. Regular weapons include one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons and shields. Two-handed weapons are limited to be one, and players can get "wearing of two-handed weapons" buff; one-hand weapons can be worn one or two one-hand weapons and shields. Wearing two one-hand weapons, players can get "dual-wielding weapon" buff, wearing shields, players can get "wearing shields" buff.

There are three properties of the buff in the following parts:


Dual-wielding weapons: increase 10% attack speed of left-hand weapons and 7% attack damage of some other weapons like shadowplay.

Two-handed weapons: increase 5% melee skill damage, curse skill damage and healing output.

Wearing shields: promote 200 physical defense and magic resistance, and increase 350 maximum lifespan and maximum magic.


  • Armor

There are 3 kinds of armors in Archeage, namely cloth armor, leather armor and plate armor. Wearing different armors, players gain different armor buffs.

Cloth armor

Equipped with 4 pieces: increase 4% casting speed. When players are attacked, it can help decrease 50% delay effect.

Equipped with 7 pieces: increase 4% casting speed. When players are attacked, it can help decrease 50% delay effect and 30% abnormal duration and increase 5% Magic damage.

Leather armor

Equipped with 4 pieces: increase 3% attack speed

Equipped with 7 pieces: increase 3% attack speed and defense rate, as well as increase 2-meters ranged attack, what’s more increases 5% melee crit rate and decrease 20% fallen duration.

Plate armor

Equipped with 4 pieces: improved 3% defense.

Equipped with 7 pieces: improve 3% defense force and 5% maximum lifespan and decrease 20% duration of dizziness, abnormal physical skill.

Above all, the strongest equipment is not the best equipment in Archeage, but the most suitable equipment. So, Mmogah sincerely hopes that players can make out the conceptual mistakes after reading the essay.


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