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ArcheAge Unchained Complete Gearing Guide - Hiram, Tempering and Gemming

By Shirley Huang2020-07-10

This is a real player Illusive's video. This guide will show you the complete gearing tips in archeage unchained, and they are helpful for players to strengthen their gear. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.   

I am going to talk about the complete gearing guide for Archeage Unchained. I am going to cover the base mechanics of infusing and upgrading the Hiram gear as well as the cost in terms of gold labor. It is focusing on leveling wise for your hiram gear, and you should be infusing first. Honestly, it is the highest gear that you can get from crafting, so just focus on your hero, who is technically the second tier end game before errand.

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Let's go ahead and get started from eastern about the questing gear. Now the questing gear you get infusions throughout the green quest, and then you level up that gear, which comes up with you until level 50. Now you are level 50, you will get a quest & some scrolls, and you will be able to turn that gear into hiram.


Farm Hiram Gear

Maybe you lost an infusion, you need another set of gear, or you lost a piece of gear that you need to look. Maybe you lost your gloves or something you accidentally deleted them well. If you’ve already upgraded to wrong, you can buy it from the store if it's questing gear. If you lost your piece of questing gear, you could come to the weapon or armor merchants, and you will be able to buy it again from one of the crates, but if you have hiram, then you will not be able to buy it again, so how do you get the extra turn? How do you get that missing piece? You can farm pieces of gear and mobs, and they have a chance of chomping hiram.

Well, Hiram works very similar in terms of the basics to level and quest gear by putting infusions you get XP, and then you need a scroll to awaken it. But it is much more complicated in terms of what it costs the problems that can arise while leveling it or awakening it.


Infusions and Scrolls

How to get the infusions and scrolls? You can get infusions for Hiram from your hiram dailies and from farming abyssal legion moms. I believe the mutant creatures also drop them in Western Pharrell mountains, so that's how you get those.

Once you get these infusions, there are 3 different kinds. There is the basic mysterious and the radiant. It has a higher chance to drop the basic and the ground versions of the infusions, the mysterious has the higher chance to drop the rare arcane and heroic, and then radiant has the highest chance of dropping the heroic unique and celestial versions, so each tier of infusion means that you can get more XP per infusion.


Tip for Awakening

Celestial is medical, and then you will have to awaken it with the scroll, so I suggest you max out the XP bar before you awaken it. Whenever you awaken from tier 1 to tier 2, it will go back down to rare quality, but if you have a max XP or go to a heroic quality, so that's just a little tip. There are three different scrolls, there is tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3, and they just go basic the radiant, and then the brilliant the rare is from tier 1 hiram, tier 2, and that takes 10 scrolls. Radiant is tier 2, and that takes 25 scrolls, and brilliant is tier 3 to tier 4. Now all these are attempts, nothing is guaranteed. It is not a guaranteed to awaken, so if I put my weapon in here, I started out with a 10% success rate chance every time.



Every time you fail, you will have a chance to crystallize your weapon. Now crystallizing means that you can't infuse the weapon, you can't temper, gemming, or eve it, you can't try awakening anymore, you can't do any of those things. You can use the weapon, but you can't do any of those four things. Now you will need to go to the honor shop and have to purchase it.

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Now I don't know what the percent chance is to crystallize, but all I know is that you have a chance to crystallize every time you fail an awakening, so keep that in mind to get these scrolls, though mostly you get most of them from dailies, you will get a majority of the ones, and then you get a little bit of the radiant and little brilliant every day.


Upgrading Scrolls

If you come to the hidden war, your workbench is not the proven warrior workbench, you just to search for Rome, and you can turn each scroll up, it's here by changing, so you take 5 scrolls of the previous tier - 5 labor. I will turn it into one of the next here, so it takes 5 tiers, you will be able to turn it into five tiers 2.

Another way to get these scrolls are former oriole, so you can get them. They are very rare, but you can get them from a pestle legion mobs again, you will be able to get them from Bissell Legion Moms. I know Western hiram, eastern hiram you can get them pretty much from anymore, and then I think you can as well, and so those drops are very rare, so they take a little bit to know that your level 50 and you are starting to level up you own.

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How to level up? First I personally suggest focusing on your weapon first, no matter if you are a tank or anything like that, so you will be able to farm easier infusions and scrolls, you will be able to farm your ancestral levels much easier and it just helps out a lot, so if your tank, I suggest leveling up to tea to divine max or minimum if you want to go further than that you can, and then start working on your armor in shield if you are an archer.



Now let's discuss gemming something that takes a lot of archeage unchained gold, labor, and honor, but it is guaranteed the old system, it is used to break all your gems. Whenever you started gemming, it is guaranteed that it costs a lot more labor and infusions, so if you look here you can go to the honor shop and then if you go to the second page, you will be able to get gems, and these gems you will be able to buy one, and then uncloak it or discover it.


Upgrading Gems

You can upgrade Gems actually in a socket, and you can go back to the honor shop, and you will be able to get a luna charm rank. You will get that, you just right-click it and put in the weapon, and then if you have a tier 1 gem, you will be able to checkmark, and then upgrade the gym and song in the socket, so that's pretty useful 200 labor, it's pretty cheap.



They come in multiple different rarities. Usually, you want to shoot for the purple. I just open this to show, so I got one. What I could do is right-clicking it, and then put it on my chest, but I have a resilience one, so if I put this and equip it, it will break the resilience one and replace it with received healing, so as you can see on my belt iframe skill damage increase, and you will be able to do that. I am going to destroy that because I am not going to use it, so that saloon defrost and gemming not too complicated. It’s pretty simple, and you will be able to do that.



Tempering is fairly simple. You won't get solar tempers and lunar tempers from crates. I believe you have the highest drop rate. What you do with these tempers is that you just right-click it, and you can put a weapon in, and then you will be able to upgrade the temper. It costs 200 labors each time, and then a certain amount of archeage gold, and it keeps increasing the cost of gold every time. Now, if you success, it upgrades the gear score that 4-5 DPS, which increases its static, so you can get that. That's a pretty simple way to increase your gear score.   


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