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  • How to Swim in Animal Crossing New Horizons
    By Anna2021-05-28 00:00:00

    Do you want to swim in the water with your friends in animal crossing? In today's article, MmoGah is going to show you how to swim in the different bodies of water on your island.


    Things to Prepare


    Open up your island designer app. Then you will need to terraform, and you're going to need a flat item.


    Animal Crossing Island Designer APP


    Animal Crossing Island App is ready


    Build Up a Cliff


    I'm going to use this cliff right here.


    Animal Crossing Cliff


    And I will extend it out and then move some of the water around. The most important thing with this cliff side is that the front corner is rounded. And next to it, what we want is basically like a little square pattern. But before I get too far into this, I'm going to place my puzzle here. The flat item that is used needs to be right next to this corner.


    Animal Crossing Puzzle


    Once we are done, this is what it's going to look like - we will have the little square section next to the rounded cliff side. Then we can come up on top of the cliff and use the ladder to climb down, which will drop us down into the water.


    Animal Crossing Top of The Cliff


    If you want to take some cute pictures, you will probably need to turn off the island designer app and take off the hard hat in order to look good in the photos.


    Animal Crossing Move Around in The Water


    Climb down, and then you're going to move around in the water by hitting the l and R buttons. Then it will glitch you down into the water,where you can sit down and walk around or swim with the fish.


    In order to get out, you can hit the minus button and close the game, or you can call rescue services. The cool thing is that you can also have your friends over, and they can do the same thing. For example, you can all take pictures together, which is definitely something fun to try. They will just follow the same steps to get in, and then you can just hit the minus button to kick them out.


    Spa Bathtub


    Animal Crossing Spa Bathtub


    We need to have the unfinished puzzle pushed up against the corner of a cliff side as close as possible. And then in my case, I want the spa bathtub to be next to the puzzle, but it was not working for me. So we’d better have it a half-space away from the puzzle. Then again come down and get out of your island designer app if you want to take photos.


    Now keep in mind that the unfinished puzzle is customizable. If you are worried about what the puzzle is going to look like in your photos, you could customize it to a grass pattern, for instance. So you won't have that palm tree pattern on there or any other pattern that you don’t want. Then I need to slow down my walking a little bit towards the bathtub until I’m in it. Now I am finally standing in the bathtub, and again you can sit down and take some cute photos in here. I think this is really adorable and super easy to do.


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