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How to Buy Villagers for Animal Crossing: New Horizons at MmoGah

Buying Villagers is a little different from buying other Animal Crossing Items. Instead of flying to your island, our supplier will invite you to their island so that you can invite the Villager to move to your island. If you are a first-time buyer, this guide will help.


1. Before you place an order, make sure you have an EMPTY plot, and make sure the plot is NOT SOLD. (If you don't have a plot, you can buy one from Tom Nook, using 10,000 bells)

2. When placing an order, please also give us your island name and your character's name.


3. After you placed an order, please contact us via LiveChat or Email ([email protected]), and keep your character online. Our representative will send you a Dodo Code with which you can fly to our supplier's island. 


4. Our supplier will lead you to the Villager' house, and you'll invite the Villager to your island. When you go back to your island, you'll see the empty plot is now sold to the Villager you just invited.



Delivery Process:


1. Go to your Airport


2. Select "I want to fly"


3. Select "Via online play"


4. Select "Via Dodo Code"


5. Enter the Dodo Code


6. Our suppler will lead you to the Villager's house. You talk to them, and you'll be able to ask them if they want to move to your island.


7. The Villager will move in the next day. Note that we DON'T recommend changing the Nintendo Switch system clock to travel to the next day because that will cause some unexpected loss. For example, your Turnips might go rotten, or you might miss some event. 


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