How Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder System Works:Runewords,Resets&Cube Recipes

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After a long time of waiting, the Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder is finally coming soon. Blizzard confirmed it would release on April 28, 2022. Many players are prepared to join the Diablo 2 Ladder. Before this, MmoGah will explain everything you need to know before starting.


What is the Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder?

Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder think as a competitive system in Diablo 2. People create a new character to level up to get ranked on the Ladder in a limitation of time. During this, You can not get any help from non-Ladder characters.


The Ladder added different content, which is different from Non-ladder. Players need to create new characters when a season resets and join the new season. The previous Ladder characters will be moved to the non-ladder server. Players also keep all Diablo items they got from the last Ladder. There will be an icon on both personal stash and shared stash. Open it can access the ladder items. People can only withdraw but not deposit items from it.

What is the Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder

What are the different Ladders?

Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder will have four different Ladder modes:

Standard: Casual Ladder play with four acts

Hardcore: Hardcore Ladder (only 1 life) play with the four acts.

Standard Expansion: The casual expanded Ladder including The Lord of Destruction expansion, so runs over five acts.

Hardcore Expansion: The hardcore (only 1 life) expanded Ladder including The Lord of Destruction expansion, so runs over five acts.


What's new in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder

Currently, we know only new runewords and unique set updating:

Runewords(totally seven runewords):




































Zod - Ist - Lem - Lum - Io - Nef


24% chance to cast level 10 weaken when struck

+4 to all skills

+65% faster hit recovery


+10 to vitality

+10 to energy

Increase maximum life 15-25% (Varies)

Regenerate Mana 15-30% (Varies)

All resistances +60-70 (Varies)

754% extra gold from monsters

30% better chance of getting magic items

Socketed (6)



























Cham - Shael - Um

20% chance to cast a level 12 Lesser Resistance spell when struck

25% to cast a level 15 Poison Nova spell on strike

Level 14 Purification Aura when equipped

+1 to all skills

+20% attack speed

+311% damage

-23% enemy poison resistance

+37% Mortal Blows (based on character level)

+25% Chance of Open Wounds

+3 to target freezing







Flickering Flame










Nef - Pul - Vex

Level 8 Fire Resistance Aura when equipped

+3 to fire skills

-13% enemy fire resistance

+30% damage

+30 missile defense

+88 mana

+5 to maximum fire resistance

Halves downtime

Poison duration reduced by 50%












Assassin's Weapon





Tal - Ort - Thul

+30% to block speed

+68% damage

+10% to attack level

+12-32 fire damage

+1-50 lightning damage

+3-14 cold damage

+75 poison damage over 5 seconds

+6 strength

+6 in dexterity

+15 to all resistances


















Piercing attack

+20% to attack level

5% mana stolen per hit

+30% defense

+10 energy

15% slower stamina drain

Cannot be frozen

+5 mana per enemy killed

15% damage goes to mana

















Cham - Shael - Gul - Thul - Ith

Level 9 Concentration Aura when equipped

+3 to all skills

+20% attack speed

+100% piercing attack

+327% damage

+9 to maximum damage

+3-14 cold damage

+3 to target freezing

+24 vitality

+40 to all resistances







Unbending Will










Fal - Io - Ith - Eld - El - Hel

18% chance to cast a Taunt spell on strike

+3 Barbarian Combat Skills (Barbarian only)

+20% attack speed

+330% damage

+9 to maximum damage

+50 attack level

+50 attack level against undead

8% life stolen per hit

Prevents mobs from healing

+10 strength

+10 vitality

+1 to Circle of Light

-20% to the required conditions



New Cube Recipes for Unique set gear updating:

1 Ral + 1 Sol + 1 Perfect Emerald + 1 Normal Set Weapon

1 Exceptional Set Weapon (same item, upgraded)

1 Lum + 1 Pul + 1 Perfect Emerald + 1 Exceptional Set Weapon

1 Elite Set Weapon (same item, upgraded)

1 Tal + 1 Shael + 1 Perfect Diamond + 1 Normal Set Armor = 1 Exceptional Set Armor (same item, upgraded)


1 Exceptional Set Armor (same item, upgraded)


1 Ko + 1 Lem + 1 Perfect Diamond + 1 Exceptional Set Armor

1 Elite Set Armor (same item, upgraded)


Those are everything we know about the Diablo 2 ladder. We hope this will help you some in playing the game. MmoGah will be sure to keep this updated when further details are announced.

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