What Should You Do in Your First Day in Albion Online

By Michel Z2017-07-28

Welcome to your first day in Albion Online. MmoGah share some knowledge of what you should do in your first day in this medieval fantasy world. Firstly, let us make sure you have everything you need to succeed in this vast, exciting, and dangerous world.


What should you do in your first day in Albion?


You have 4 goals:

1. Complete the Destiny Board Tasks where you login for the first time

What you have to do is written in the top right corner of your screen. There are various instructions. This video will help you to achieve them (Because the video is unlisted, only those with the link can see it, please click to view


Special Hint:

When you get task #1 (Gather 3 Rough Logs) you gather 25 Rough Wood instead!

When you get task #2 (Gather 3 Rough Stone) you gather 21 Rough Stone instead!

When you get task #5 (Gather 3 8 Scraps of Hide) you gather 18 Scarps of Hide!


The last task is to leave the island. Do not do it yet, first you should: Craft all remaining T1 tools, so that you have 5 tools total; Craft the whole T1 armor set, so that you have Beginners Mercenary Chest, Hood and Shoes; Craft a Beginner Shield. You can do all of the above later as well but it’s easier done on the starting island.



2. Make yourself comfortable with the Destiny Board

Having done all the first destiny board missions, when you get into the city, there will be many different tasks for you to fulfill. Open the Destiny Board and click on any node, try to get an understanding of this tool:

Open the destiny board from the destiny tracker on the top right




Click on any node, you will see a detailed window about what you have to do and what your reward will be.


3. Finish the quests in the starter town to get a mount. 

This is a game with a player driven economy, so it also has no fast travel to important areas. You have to manually travel a lot through this world. Therefore getting a mount is key to progress further. There is a set of missions which will give us a basic mount. Click on the first man you see once you enter the starter city.


4. Understand the map of Albion to know where you have to go

You may easily get lost in Albion and there is no real system to get you exactly back to where you started. When you die in the early moments of your time in Albion you respawn at the nearest city, which is not necessarily the city you started at. So knowing where you are and where to go is important for new players. You can press “k” to open the world map. By opening the world map, you can see you are currently on the Royal Continent where all players begin their journeys. The world is divided into biomes. The biomes are forests, highlands, mountains, steppes, and swamps. You start in the mountain biome which is abundant with stone, fiber and ore.





Secret Sauce

  • In the game is a help channel. It is a different tab next to the General channel.
  • Moderators and helpful users are there to answer all questions. 


This is all for your first day adventure in Albion, we will share more information for you in future, so please stay tuned on our Albion Online news page. MmoGah has newly launched our products of Albion Online Silver. With more than 10 year experience in this line, we have confidence that our professional service and favorable price will attract you to place a trial order in our store. Please feel free to start an online chat with us if you are interested to buy Albion Silver.

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