• Launch Patch #1 of Albion Online Is Now Live

    By Michel Z2017-08-02

     Albion Online launched two weeks ago with great success, but the number of players since launch has far exceeded all of forecasts. This amazing success came hand-in-hand with some server and performance issues. The development team have been working day and night to get rid of these issues, and improving the game experience for everyone. This patch includes some changes to help with the cities, especially Caerleon, being overpopulated, by putting hot spots in their own separate map. This will help relieve the pressure on the cities. They are still working on stabilizing the server issues.




    The development team also pushing out many other changes and fixes such as making farms default settings private, and fixing the issue where excess Fame would not overflow to the next level.


    This patch has some critical fixes and improvements.

    · Some changes to the server code will help solve the ongoing server issues.

    · Changes to the Outland portals and the mount gallop mode aim to break the dominance of gate camps and mounted gankers.

    · Finally, the dev team spread out the powerful events in Albion in a way which encourages engaging them with smaller groups, which should help prevent situations where fights degrade into lagfests.


    Please click for more details about the patch on August 1.


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