• Goals of Your Second Week in Albion Online
    By Michel Z2017-08-09 00:00:00

    This is the fourth part MmoGah shares with beginners in Albion Online.


    1. Buy your own island

    Your first goal for the second week in Albion is to buy your own island, but before you buy island, you should first to find a guild to join, because your guild position will define in which city to buy your island, and private islands are bound to a city and can’t be moved, so it is better to find a guild before buying the island. (You can start into Albion as a solo player. But at one point you should get a guild. Albion as a game is build around the interaction, wars and alliances between different groups of people. You will probably get several invites just by walking around in Albion. But picking the right guild is an important issue since it decides how much fun you will have in Albion. Here is an article that might help you to find the guild right for you: Finding a guild)


    Island is a premium feature that can be purchased from the Island Merchant located in all player towns. These islands are instanced places where you can build your own buildings. To purchase and upgrade an island, you must have an active 30-day premium account. Once an island is purchased, it is retained regardless of premium status. A private island costs 6250 silver.



    Why should you buy an island?

    · You can build a player house on it in which you can place a laborer.

    · You can upgrade your island and use it for farming.

    · You can simply build any other crafting building on your island if you do not want to pay any prices for higher tier crafting in the cities. 


    2. Build your first player house

    You need the following resources to build your first house:






    3. Place a laborer and use it, please click for more details of Laborers.


    4. Upgrade your island

    A farming plot is not part of the initial purchase. But with your first upgrade you will get your first farming plot. You can read more details about farming here: Farming Article


    5. Seed and harvest your first carrots


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