• Albion Online Updates - Call to Arms Is Coming on March 17, 2021
    By Ansley2021-03-09 00:00:00

    Good news! Albion Online Updates - Call to Arms will come on March 17, 2021. MmoGah will accompany you on this new Albion Online journey full of exciting challenges!


    The new Call to Arms update covers faction warfare, the Visual Upgrade, the Expanded Continent of the game's range of activities, and the Optimization of control functions. Faction warfare is the centerpiece of the complete restructure. Call to Arms will show you a new grand scale of the war system.


    The royal continent is expanded to include more updates, being added dozens of new regions to it. There will be repeated faction battles in the center of the continent. Now Let's take a look at the changes.


    albin online call to arms-1



    Faction Warfare

    Faction warfare is no longer limited to minor skirmishes over the control of outposts. The faction can now control entire regions, conquering an area by capturing most of the outposts in the region.


    Controlling an area allows the faction to capture more enemy outposts in the adjacent region, protecting your territory while pushing the front line further into enemy territory. In the yellow and blue zone, players knocked out by enemy attacks will be able to respawn and return to battle from nearby friendly outposts that have not been touched by the battle fire or not under heavy attack. However, if you get knocked down in the red zone, you will not be able to resurrect. So players should play carefully and strategically to conquer the area to extend their regions.


    Thus the importance of the control outposts to the faction is self-evident. If an area gets separated from the rest of your regions due to territory loss, in that case, you will no longer be able to respawn from a nearby friendly outpost, and even the faction will be unable to replenish from its reinforcements. Then the area runs out of control. Players can use that to design their attack strategies to cut off the enemy reinforcements.


    Does the new scale of faction warfare excite you? And that is not all. For More Call to Arms Updates, please see below:


    10v10 Hellgates

    The new 10v10 Hellgates have more significant improvements to graphics and Albion Online gameplay that players are eager to join in medium-scale PvP combat anytime and anywhere.


    Faction Rank

    Faction Rank measures contribution and loyalty, with nine unique "Prestige Ranks" that are different for each faction. The more battles you join in for your faction, the more loyal you are, the more contribution you make. Higher ranks are unique to each city and are extremely hard and prestigious to unlock and maintain.


    Elite Faction Mounts

    Each elite faction mount has two unique abilities and a special faction ability. You can spend your faction points to change. Let us join in more and more battles, fighting for cool Mounts!


    Caerleon Faction

    In the sixth faction, the Caerleon faction, there is more game story and unique Albion gameplay style. Caerleon has become a bandit's nest in which the Black Market trader, rogues, and mercenaries thrive. Do you interest in joining the brotherhood of bandits and thieves? Let us fight with other cities together!


    High Risk and High Rewards

    In the new Albion online updates, there are massive valuable rewards along with chance and danger. The red zone faction warfare is the most useful recent faction activity. In it, you will get a higher value than in the yellow and blue counterparts. High quantity rewards you will receive. Beyond that, in month-long faction Campaigns, players can get more valuable prizes such as faction points or Albion Online Silver, etc.


    Besides Albion Online gameplay opportunities part update, the control function also brings more convenient improvements:


    Faction Screen

    The faction screen is the heart of the new faction warfare. You can open it from the activities button at the top of your HUD. You can receive more information here about city faction warfare and your status in it.


    Ability Tooltips

    Ability Tooltips will make you understand spells and abilities much easier. And the abilities descriptions have been reworked to improve readability.



    Loadouts allow players to save equipment sets and their configuration to equip them from all bank chests later. And you can quickly configure them. You can also share these Loadouts with other players via chat.



    Also, the new Albion Call to Arms updates do not miss the insignificant details. The perfect visual upgrade brings the animated-vegetation graphical upgrade. It lets a person deep in nature, feeling the grass sway in the gentle breeze. You could imagine the sound of the wind, the smell of the grass. When you enter into the magical and incredible journey, these subtle improvements of the Albion world make the virtual nature true to life.



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