• Albion Online: Getting Started Ultimate Guide for New Players - Part One
    By Ansley2021-03-26 00:00:00

    Currently, Albion Online Call to Arms has been updated. When I heared the news, I browsed the official website and MmoGah to find some information. The game’s new main quests and rich pictures attract me so much. I want to get upper in the Albion Online game soon. How can I do that? Is there someone who has the experience? MmoGah can give Albion Online Guides, tips,  and lots of fun highlights. I am so lucky to find it in my need time.


    You can also get more detailed information from Equart, who released one video for the new Albion Online Players. It is so detailed, and it covers rich content. The introduction starts from where you get into the game. It is especially suitable for new players. Let’s go along with the video, study the tips, and enjoy progression up together. But the video has a lot of content, and I will gradually share my study thoughts. Today let’s begin part one.



    When You Start Game, Please Be Patient

    Albion Online is a free game, but it has a premium privilege sometimes. For example, when you enter the game, you will probably face a queue. That’s because the game got a huge population, especially after the new content update installed on the 17th of March. If your fresh character isn’t with premium, you need to wait in the queue. Because the game can not let the players who directly support the game’s development get locked out. That’s the privilege, you know. You could choose premium or not. It does not prevent you from enjoying the game, but sometimes the premium will make you feel efficient.


    In the Tutorial Zone, You Learn Basic Knowledge

    Like other games, you need to learn basic knowledge like moving, how to click, where the minimap is, etc.



    Get Resources

    When you get resources in the newbie village, please pay attention to the following points.


    1. You need to gather a bit more than you need because you will need more resources later.

    2. When the game asks you to craft your first gear, please craft three different types of gear. It is leather, cloth, and plate. It doesn’t matter in what order. Thanks to that, you will be able to open the possibility to wear all types of tier 3 gear, which will save you lots of time in the future.

    3. When you craft your first gear, go to the toolmaker. Let him craft your one bag. There is no quest to crop this bag, but you will need it later. So craft one bag. It can contain many things which will be especially useful when you use Albion Online Silver to buy or change.

    4. When you buy one mule on the market, you would better buy three more mules. So one will be in your equipment, and three more mules will be in your inventory. The reason is simple that these mules cost a pretty decent amount of silver for a newbie in other cities. So when you end the tutorial, you will sell these mules on the auction house, and you will earn some Albion Online Silver. It will help you in your future adventure. For example, you can sell Albion Online Silver to exchange other things that you need.

    5. You must make sure that you take all the mules before entering the last quest to distract heretics. Because if you enter this circle to go to the main royal continent, you can not come back.


    Choose District

    When you end this quest to distract heretics, NPC will allow you to go to any royal city in Albion. There are also newbie zones, Martlock, Lymhurst, Bridgewatch, Thetford, Fort Sterling. It doesn’t matter in what zone you will go. The difference between these cities is only biomes, and that’s all. So choose whatever you like.


    ultimate guide for new player content


    Open Map

    Whatever zones you choose, open your minimap and see where the game will teleport you.


    Know One Thing of the Space Bar

    During combat, a space bar is an auto-attack. You don’t need to click on your mouse and non-stop on left-click or right-click. You don’t need to do this, and just one button spacebar is enough. A game will tell you about this during the tutorial, but many players ignore such tiny tips. So take it into account.


    Talk to the NPC

    When you’re on a tiny boat, talk to this NPC, you will get three days of premium ending the basic tutorial, and it is essential. If you skip it, you will not get this free three days of premium.


    When you decide to activate the premium, please pay attention to what zone your next step is. On the right corner, there is a name of the location where you need to go. Open the map and check in what the site is. Please pay attention because many new players can’t find this zone where they need to go.


    Select the Task

    After you talk to the NPC, you come back to your newbie village and finish two more quests. But it is not necessary to do those quests. The first quest will teach you how to use the gold market in this game, and the second quest will show you the focus of this game. You can get this focus only via the premium, and you need it for gathering, crafting, refining, etc. You can also craft and do all other stuff, even without this focus. But with this focus, efficiency will be much higher. Whether you will end this quest or not, or even if you will skip it, it doesn’t matter. You could also consider Albion Online Silver for your other choice when you need to make your intentions come true.



    That’s a summary after I watched the video, but I have not finished studying it. Next time I will continue the other part of this guide. Please consider what you will do when you go into the royal continent. Let’s discuss this topic in the next part. MmoGah is an Albion Online Silver seller who has service experience of 15 years. You can buy Albion Online Silver from MmoGah. You can get comfortable service and cheap Albion Online Silver.