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Which Class Is the Best to Play in Fortnite: Save the World

Michel Z February 13th, 2019 Fortnite    Fortnite Items    Fortnite Items Help   

Today MmoGah is sharing with you a guide to choosing which class you should play in Fortnite: Save the World. If you are a new player and have no idea about which class is the best or even how the different classes work, this is a quick guide describing each one. Should you need to buy Fortnite items for your Save the World needs, please check out the Fortnite item page.

The four classes in Fortnite are Soldiers, Outlanders, Ninjas, and Constructors. Each class is tuned for a particular role that is highlighted by a few abilities commonly found between the different heroes in each of these classes.



Soldiers are the most popular class in Fortnite. Soldiers are your run-of-the-mill, shoot’em up class. These heroes are the backbone behind any squad, providing consistent firepower with their assault rifles and Frag Grenades.


There are a few exceptions to this, but it is likely that if you are playing a Soldier, you assault rifle is your best friend. So you’ll have the abilities to throw grenades, generate a shockwave, or pull out a minigun or dual pistols to clear out Husks.


If you are thinking about what class to play because you have no idea, Soldiers are always a safe bet. If you want a strong hero that can rain down on the enemy and build simple forts in a pinch, Soldiers are an excellent class to stick with. But you may want to swap out these heroes for another class as you continue to level up in-game and move away from just fine-tuning your combat skills.




The reason why people choose to use an Outlander is that this game is very grinding, but Outlanders have a knack for collecting resources, and their special abilities help these heroes move faster and find resources in a much shorter time, so this is where Outlanders have a significant advantage.


They are Save the World's gadget-oriented class, too, and Outlanders can place weapons like the robotic teddy bear sentry turret TEDDY on the battlefield to mow down Husks.


So if you're planning to farm Fortnite items and resources, or if you want a class based on rapidly deploying defensive weapons against enemies, then the Outlander is a great pick. But otherwise, consider picking another class if you're more interested in combat or building.

Please click YouTuber Iolaus's video for more details on which class you should play, and most part of this article is quoted from his video:




The Ninjas are another really popular class. Ninjas are excellent for combat, but instead of using assault rifles, these characters focus on melee damage by running up to Husks and using swords and other close-range edged weapons to deal damage. Ninjas can quickly run in and out of battle while dealing damage against Husks.


Ninjas are able to dish out a huge amount of damage with a sword, but they are also quite delicate with very little Health and Shield. However, Ninjas are one of the coolest looking classes and have a lot of fun to play. But you have to be very careful and should not play like a tank, because Ninjas are a bit less reliable than the typical Soldier class.




This class is focused primarily on building and defending around the objective. They are a sort of unsung heroes of many missions. A very good Constructor on your team can make a mission a complete breeze.


The Constructor is an excellent pick for heroes that want to build their bases cheaper and more quickly.


Constructors specialize in both repairing forts, fortifying structures, and controlling incoming crowds. They're also one of the best heroes for new players to learn, as they emphasize rapid building deployment and improvements through B.A.S.E. in order to maximize passive and active abilities.


The Constructor plays an important role on the battlefield, and its top tier heroes focus on defense, crowd control, and improving fort construction.



That’s a quick explanation on the four classes and what makes them unique to play. All the classes are great in their own right, you need to decide which you would find the most fun to play! For more on Fortnite, please head over to the Fortnite news page. 


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