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How to Buy Fortnite Items at MmoGah

Michel Z December 21st, 2018 Fortnite    Fortnite Items    Fortnite Items Help   

When purchasing Fortnite items, you need to give us your Fortnite display name and Epic games email address. If you have different Epic games email addresses for different platforms, then give us the one of your PC platform, which is the easiest way for us to find you in game. Also, make sure your account automatically accepts friend requests. Following this instruction makes the trade faster and smoother. 

Where to find my Fortnite display name and epic games email address?


1. Open www.epicgames.com

2. Click on Sign-in in the top right corner and sign into your Epic Games account. 

3. Hover over your display name and click “Account”, then you’ll see your Fortnite display name and epic games email address. Note that for PS4 and Xbox ONE players, your Epic display name should be your Epic Games name, not Xbox live or Playstion name. 

4. After successful payment, launch your Fortnite client, accept our trader friend request in the game first. The trader will group you and create a map, and he will drop the Item(s) then you pick it up.


Why choose to buy Fortnite Items at MmoGah?

It may take hours for you to collect the Fortnite Materials you need in the game, but at MmoGah, we will deliver you instantly the Fortnite Materials, Fortnite Weapons, or Fortnite Traps once you place an order.


1. Fast Delivery and Professional Reps

Stable supply sources and full stock makes sure fast delivery whenever we receive an order. We use the method of Face to Face to trade items, and most of the Fortnite Item orders can be finished within 10-30 minutes. All the items for sale at MmoGah are earned by veterans, and Our Reps are 24/7, 356 days online to help every customer. So please feel free to contact our Reps whenever you have any questions. 


2. High Reputation and Rich Experience

Over 10 years' trading experience in online gaming products makes us can meet different demands of the customers. MmoGah is ranked as one of the best online gaming product sellers on Google for those most popular video games. 


3. Favorable Price

While keep updating the item list, we also offer a favorable price for Fortnite Items. There are 2%-10% Coupon discount and 1%-3% Member discount gamers can enjoy for their purchase. Read another article on MmoGah for more details on how to get the best price for Fortnite Items. 


4. Refund Guaranteed

MmoGah ensures that customers get what they ordered or get their money back. If the items you paid for is out of stock, our Reps will deal with the refund immediately upon your request. 


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