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  • Tips and Tricks: How to Play Better in Fortnite: Battle Royale
    By Michel Z2018-12-20 00:00:00

    Fortnite: Battle Royale includes both shooting and building elements. If you want to survive to the end, you have to master both of these systems. For those who are new to the game or looking to find some ways to consistently survive longer, these tips and tricks can help to improve your game.


    1. Playground Mode Is Great For Practice

    The playground mode uses the same map as Battle Royale and allows you to explore and build at your leisure, so you can get to know the island, learn how all the weapons work, and practice defensive and offensive building techniques without the pressures of the encroaching storm and other players trying to shoot you.

    Select the playground mode, set it to not fill the empty slots, and you can get yourself some much needed practice. If you select the fill option, the game will match you with three strangers who will probably try to shoot you and destroy your buildings.



    2. Pick Your Landing Zone Wisely

    For new players, you'll have an easier time getting started if you land away from other players.

    Named locations tend to have better loot, but there will also be more players and more chances to get shot before you get the hang of things.

    The safest method is to wait toward the end of the battle bus route and aim for an unnamed location. 
    Once you're more confident in your ability, you can aim for more densely populated areas to rack up some early kills and stock up on higher quality loot.



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    3. Use Smart Glider Deployment to Land Sooner 

    When you jump off the battle bus, you're free to deploy your glider whenever you want. The glider is useful in helping you reach a specific location, but it also lets you glide very slowly.

    Your glider also deploys automatically once you reach a certain elevation. In order to take advantage of this mechanic, you need to aim for low ground and prevent your glider from deploying until the last possible moment.


    Getting on the ground faster allows you to stand a better chance of finding some gear before one of your opponents get the drop on you.



    4. Find a Gun As Soon As Possible

    You can technically win a game without ever firing a single shot, but don't count on it. Once you land on the ground, you’ll want to grab a gun as soon as possible, any gun is OK.

    If you can identify a gun on your way down, and make sure nobody else is heading for the same one, all the better.


    Don't Neglect Your Pickaxe

    You can destroy almost everything with pickaxe in Fortnite, and doing so gives you the materials that you’ll need for building ramps, walls, and other structures.

    You’ll want to have as much wood, metal and brick on hand as you can, but demolishing stuff with your pickaxe makes a lot of noise that other players are sure to hear, so make sure to keep an eye on your surroundings.

    Everything destructible can be destroyed with a pick faster if you aim your pick towards the blue circle that appears when mining an object. This will give you 2x materials and mine it 2x as fast, which gives your opponents less opportunity to find the exact position of you.


    6. G
    rab Chests Whenever You Can

    Chests are a great way to get better gear, and each one drops about three or four items, so it's also faster than seeking out individual items.


    Chests can mostly be found in attics and basements of buildings, and you may need to break walls, ceilings, or floors to find them. However, you'll also find them laying around outside as well if you are lucky.


    Besides chests, you'll also find supply drops and llama pinatas that contain loot.


    Keep in mind that because chests are so useful, the same one may draw in several players. This is especially true with supply drops, since you can see them falling from a long distance away. Approach all chests, supply drops, and llamas with caution, since another player may be laying in wait.


    Don't Pick Up Junk

    You need to resist the urge of picking up everything. If you have a good weapon, there's no reason to fill your inventory with an inferior version of the same weapon. 

    Good guns, gun types you specifically need for your favored play style, and consumables that replenish health and armor should always have the highest priority.



    8. Know the Loot Rarity Colors

    There are five rarities of loot in Fortnite, and Rarity is color-coded with grey as the lowest and orange as the highest. 

    · Gray: Common weapons and items.

    · Green: Uncommon weapons and items.

    · Blue: Rare weapons and items.

    · Purple: Epic weapons and items.

    · Orange: Legendary weapons and items.


    The general rule of thumb is that higher rarity weapons are more powerful and harder to find than lower rarity weapons. Learn the color codes, and make sure to grab any legendary and epic weapons that you come across.


    Build Early and Often

    Fortnite: Battle Royale is a TPS (third person shooter) game, but you won't win, at least not consistently, without the building element.


    The building and the shooting aren't separate systems, but completely dependent on each other. When you watch the best Fortnite players, it's almost like they're playing two different games at the same time.


    The best way to get good at building is to practice in Playground mode. After you're confident in your skills to get basic structures out quickly, you can practice the same thing in Battle Royale mode.


    10. Familiarize Yourself With All of the Weapons

    There are several types of weapons in Fortnite, and each type comes in a number of different configurations. Since you don't get to choose your loadout, it's important to know the strengths and weaknesses of every type: 

    · Assault rifles: Recommended for beginners. High damage and high fire-rate. Also, useful both in short to mid range They can come with scopes, suppressors, and other modifications. 

    · Shotguns: They are best used for dealing high damage at close range. You'll want to swap to your shotgun and move in aggressively if you hear an opponent nearby. 

    · Submachine guns: They tend to have the fastest rate of fire among all weapon types, but they're inaccurate at any kind of distance.  

    · Pistols: Pistols are short to medium range weapons with low to moderate damage and a small amount of recoil. Reload speeds tend to be quick while fire rate is either quick (for Pistols) or slow (for Revolvers and Hand Cannons), with weapons using anywhere from Light to Heavy Bullets. 

    · Sniper rifles: Essential long range weapon. Only 1 shot per shooting but it has one of the highest accuracy in the game and can land successful headshots at distances. Careful when using scope as your view will be narrowed down, and make sure you have a different weapon ready if someone sneaks up on you. 

    · Rocket and grenade launchers: They tend to do a great amount of damage with a single shot but at the cost of low fire rate and high reload times, so you don't want to rely on one in a close range fight. 

    · Miniguns: They can fire a ton of bullets in a short amount of time at close and medium range. Upon firing the Minigun, there is a short delay before it begins to shoot bullets. 

    · Crossbow: You may only run into this weapon type in Playground mode, because unlimited ammo and a high rate of fire makes it extremely powerful.


    Familiarize Yourself With All of the Utility Items

    There are a lot of utility items in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and knowing how to use them is essential. Here are some of the most important ones: 

    · Port-a-fort: This tool creates a large 3 tile high structure that can be used as a fort. The fort is made completely out of metal. This is a great item for new players who haven't gotten used to building forts on the fly, and it's also tremendously useful for mobile players. 

    · Rift-to-go: When you use this item, it creates a rift that teleports you into the sky and immediately opens your glider. The rift remains open briefly, so your squad, or your enemies, can follow you through, so be careful. 

    · Grappler:  This gun can be fired at nearby objects to pull the player towards it (fall damage still applies). The shots can be chained to quickly cover long distances or scale tall buildings.


    Don't Forget Grenades

    Grenades are also important. Some of them do damage, and others have special effects:

    · Grenade: This is the basic grenade type that can be thrown to deal damage and stagger enemies in an area. If you find some, use them. 

    · Stink bomb: This creates a yellow-ish stinky gas cloud that lasts 9 seconds, deals 5 damage every half-second and bypasses shields, so make sure you don't get caught in the cloud yourself. 

    · Clinger: This is an explosive weapon that sticks to whatever it touches, including players. This grenade cannot explode in the air.  

    · Boogie bomb: Boogie Bomb is thrown like a normal grenade, but any players inside the blast radius are forced to dance for 5 seconds or until damage is taken (including fall and storm damage).  

    · Shockwave grenade: It creates a shockwave that can knock back players and vehicles, which destroy objects in their path after being knocked back, while not taking any fall damage. If you time it just right, you can also use it to get some serious air and deploy your glider.



    13Always Grab Healing Consumables

    Shooting and building skills are key, but healing items are perfect to have during and after battle. 


    If you find armor boosters, and your armor isn't at max, chug them right away. Here are the main healing consumables: 

    · Bandages and Med kits: These items restore your health, which is represented by the green bar at the bottom of your screen. Med kits replenish more than bandages, so if you've only taken a little chip damage patch it up with bandages. 

    · Shield potions and small shield potions: These items can be used to increase your current shield by 50 Shield points, up to a maximum of 100 Shield points after consuming two potions.  

    · Chug jug:  It takes 15 seconds to consume and grants the player full health and full shield. Make sure you're in a safe spot before you use it. It cannot be stacked. 

    · Slurp juice: Slurp juice is another type of potion which will gradually increase your health or shields by 75, depending on which is lost. Health will heal first, shield second. 



    14Be Aggressive

    Don't be afraid to play aggressively. You may be able to survive by hiding and situational awareness, but you'll finally find yourself in a firefight, and you'd better have a solid handle on both the shooting and building aspects of the game when that happens.


    Players are less likely to have very effective weapons in the beginning, and there are more unskilled players still alive, so being aggressive early on can pay off.



    15Use a Headset and Listen For Sound Cues

    Using a headset makes it a lot easier to listen for footsteps or other sound cues that can alert you to the presence of other players long before you actually see them.


    Chests give an indistinct sound when nearby so that you can find them easier.


    Get to Know the Islan

    It is worth learning everything you can about the island which is full of interesting areas and varied terrain. Depending on the path of the battle bus, and the safe area created by the storm, you'll find yourself in different areas each match.


    Because more matches will finally converge near the middle of the map than on the edges of the island, it will be a good idea to learn the more central areas first. 


    Just keep in mind that these areas tend to draw more interest, so if you drop there you'll typically find yourself in the middle of a fight sooner rather than later.



    17Learn to Identify and Anticipate Hot Spots

    The more you know about the island and the terrain, the better you'll get at identifying potential hot spots. Keep in mind that as the safe zone tightens in, most players will be moving in from the outside.


    As people move toward the safe spot, terrain will tend to funnel them in certain directions, which results in relatively predictable conflicts. If you can figure out where players are likely to be, based on the way the storm is contracting, you'll be able to take advantage of that.



    18Do NOT Get Caught in the Storm

    The other first rule of Fortnite: do not mess with The Storm. It's a beast of a thing that can't be controlled. It is your biggest enemy, even scarier than the 99 others standing between you and Victory Royale.

    This is especially true as you get closer to the top 10, as the safe zone gets smaller and the storm hits much harder. Run away from it, always. If you can't make it on foot, try looking for a golf cart. This will get you from point A to point B much faster than your legs will.



    19Learn to Size Up Tactical Situations

    It's important to size up the tactical situation whenever you run into another player, or even multiple players shooting at each other. If you're injured or your weapons aren't that great and they haven't seen you yet, you’d better hunker down and avoid the fight.


    If both your health and weapons are in good condition and you have confidence that you can get the drop on someone, go for it.


    In situations where you find two people engaged in a firefight, you may want to wait for one to emerge victorious, and pick off the other while they go for the loot. Just remember that someone else could have their eye on you at the same time.



    20Use Your Glider to Cover Ground Quickly

    Your glider plays a huge role at the beginning of each match, since you use it to reach whatever drop zone you have decided to target. However, you can steer your Glider away to another spot very fast during a match.


    You can use shockwave grenades, jump pads, and even jump off tall buildings to activate your glider.



    21Take Advantage of the Third Person Camera

    You are not limited to what your character can see. When entering a new area, just rotate the camera to check corners and see if someone is hiding just around a corner.


    You can also use this to your advantage by crouching, hiding behind terrain or objects, and rotating the camera so keep an eye on your surroundings without anyone being able to see you.



    22Use the Replay System to Learn From Your Mistakes

    If you're not sure why you died, or how someone got the drop on you, then using the replay system makes it a great way to check out exactly what happened and learn from your mistakes and improve over time.


    When you use the replay system, you aren't just limited to watching yourself. You can check out what everyone was up to throughout the entire match, and even use a free roaming camera to move around the map.



    23Adjust Your Play Style For Solo, Duo, and Squads

    You can play Fortnite: Battle Royale by yourself, with a partner, or in squads of four, and it's important to adjust your tactics based on the mode.


    In solo play, you can be more aggressive because nobody has anyone backing them up. But when playing in squads, it's important to remember that the other players may also have squads backing them up, especially at the beginning of the match. So don’t immediately killing downed players. Instead, keep an eye out for their teammates. If they go to save their friend, you can shoot them down. If they come for you instead, having heard your gun, you can be ready to pick them off.


    When a player is the last alive on their team, they'll die immediately. If players still have teammates alive, they will only go into the downed state, and their teammates could be in the location and looking for you.


    When you are playing duos, you need to be even more wary, because the players on each team are very probably using voice communications.



    24Use the Vending Machines If You Need Them

    If you're having trouble finding a weapon or utility item that you need, you can buy it from Vending Machines. These machines use building materials for currency, so make sure you break enough stuff to afford what you want.



    25Learn From Streamers Like Ninja

    Those popular sites like Twitch and YouTube Gaming are great places to watch extremely skilled players do their thing first hand.


    Watching streamers like Ninja is a good method to learn more about how to approach different situations and improve your own game as a result. But keep in mind that that streamers are often more aggressive than they really need to be, because it results in more exciting streams.


    It pays to learn their strategies and adapt them for yourself, but sometimes staying hidden and waiting for the right moment to strike is the better choice.



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