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Fortnite: Where To Find All Expedition Outposts

Michel Z January 18th, 2019 Fortnite    Fortnite Items    Fortnite Items Help   

Fortnite: Battle Royale week 7, season 7 challenges went live on January 17. One of the challenges asks players to visit every Expedition Outpost. Today MmoGah is sharing with you everything you need to know about completing it.



There are seven of them scattered around, and you may not have visited them often, given that they’re usually pretty out of the way. I believe we had a past challenge to kill other players at these outposts, so if you haven’t done that yet, you can probably kill two birds with one stone here. 


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So, where are the outposts? I’ve made you a handy map, as you can see they’re pretty evenly spread out, so I wouldn’t guess you’d visit more than one or two a game. E is for Expedition:




So we have:

· An Expedition Outpost on a mountain northeast of Pleasant Park

· An Expedition Outpost in a valley between two mountains northeast of Viking Village

· An Expedition Outpost on a mountain northwest of Happy Hamlet

· An Expedition Outpost on a mountain just west of Dusty Divot

· An Expedition Outpost just north of the river northwest of Tomato Temple

· An Expedition Outpost in the desert west of Paradise Palms

· An Expedition Outpost on a mountain straight west of Lonely Lodge

These outposts are rather hard to miss as they’re bright red and can be seen from a long ways up in the area, so they’re not exactly going to be hard to search for:


Once you get there, they’re actually quite dull inside. There are some computers and some cots and if you’re lucky, a treasure chest or two. Outside there will usually be planes, so that’s something I guess.


Rifts are some of the best ways of rotating around the map if you don’t have a plane - using them is a matter of walking into them. If you’re not rushing the completion of these challenges, you’ll more than likely end up using 3 Rift-to-Gos at the very least in a much shorter time than expected (either to chase an enemy, disengage, or run from the storm). If you’re planning on rushing the challenges, just keep dropping in a spot with rift spawns like Viking Village or the mountains near Pleasant Park.


You can also use the permanent rifts underneath Wailing Woods! These'll make for guaranteed spawns if you're trying to rush the challenge.


These outposts are run by AIM, the mystery organization that controls Frosty Flights, the bunker base under Wailing Woods and sent out the AIM robot to do some scouting at the end of last season. We still really have no idea what this organization is meant to do, especially as we’re not fighting against a fantasy Ice King and AIM seems like SHIELD or something like that. But I suppose more will be revealed in time. The giant iceberg with 5 billion HP that players hacked down at the remote island south of the map revealed another bunker that appears to belong to AIM, so perhaps something interesting will be in there once we get inside. 


This isn’t going to be the hardest challenge in the world, but you’re probably going to run into a lot of other people trying to do the same thing, so be prepared for a fight. But since you have a challenge to kill people at these locations anyway, you almost want there to be other folks there. The winner can grab the nearby planes and leave. Happy hunting!

Keep checking back for more Fortnite news and guides related to Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Battle Royale.


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