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ESO Indrik Mount Guide: How to Get Mossheart Indrik

Summerset Event has already started, so it's time to talk about the Mossheart Indrik Mount for the Elder Scrolls Online, the most exciting part of the event. However, even if you can get a lot of ESO gold, you can't buy this beautiful mount because you have to obtain it by participating in the events. In this video, Tianlein shows you how to obtain the Nascent Indrik Mount and evolve it to the Mossheart Indrik Mount via in-game activities.

Update: With the High Isle Update in June 2022, there will be a new Indrik Vendor in the game, allowing players to obtain the Indrik mounts they missed out on. Please read the latest guide to getting all the beautiful Indrik mounts of ESO in 2022.


Every quarter, you will be able to acquire a new Indrik Mount via in-game activities during events. Last year, you could earn the Dawnwood Indrik, the Luminious Indrik, the Onyx Indrik, and the Pure Snow Indrik. Earlier this year, during the first quarter, you could earn the Berries for the Spectral Indrik Mount. In the second quarter, you had the chance to collect the Berries for the Icebreath Indrik. And now, during the third quarter, you can obtain the Berries for the Mossheart Indrik. Before you can obtain the Mossheart Indrik Mount, you need to get the base Indrik first, which is named Nascent Indrik Mount. If you have already obtained one of the previous Indrik evolutions, you have to get the Nascent Indrik Mount again.

ESO Indrik Mount Guide How to Get Mossheart Indrik p1

During events, you will find the 4 required unique feathers at the Impresario event merchant for the Nascent Indrik Mount. Each feather is available for 10 event tickets. You need to obtain each feather once and combine them, which will add the Nascent Indrik Mount to your collection. If you want to evolve your Nascent Indrik to the Mossheart Indrik, you need to buy the required Berries.


4×Indrik Feather = 40 event tickets = Nascent Indrik

4×Mossheart Berries = 40 event tickets

Nascent Indrik + Berries = Mossheart Indrik

In total for the Mossheart Indrik = 80 event tickets

Each event of quarter 3 will add new Indrik Berries to the Impresario's stock. Starting with the Mossheart Berries of Bloom, then the Mossheart Berries of Budding, Mossheart Berries of Growth, and Mossheart Berries of Ripeness. Each Mossheart Berry costs ten event tickets. You need 40 Event Tickets to obtain the Nascent Indrik Mount and additional 40 Tickets to get all the Mossheart Berries. That means you need in total 80 Tickets to obtain the Mossheart Indrik Mount.


After you have collected all four unique Berries, you will be able to evolve your Nascent Indrik into a Mossheart Indrik Mount. Keep in mind that you can collect the 4 unique Mossheart Berries only during the events in Quarter 3 to summon the Mossheart Indrik Mount. You will obtain the first two Mossheart Berries during the Summerset Celebration event, starting at the 23 July and continuing until 4 August.


During the event, you can earn three event tickets per day/per account by completing your first daily repeatable quest in summerset. There will be 1 or 2 more events during Quarter 3 this year. Maybe the Orsinium Celebration Event will return, which was the past year's activity in August. Or the Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood Celebration Event could return. Of course, there is also the chance that ESO is introducing a new Event. Be sure to check the ESO news page on MmoGah for all news and information about the upcoming events.

During all events, you can earn Event Tickets, which you can use to buy items like feathers, berries, pets, and more from the Impresario Event Merchant. If you want to know more about the Impresario, you can watch Tianlein's video about the Event Merchant.


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