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Best Treasure Maps in ESO

When adventuring in The Elder Scrolls Online, you may have obtained some Treasure Maps that occupied many slots in your inventory and Bank. What are these maps used for? Which Treasure Maps can make you rich in ESO? You will find answers in this article.


What Are Treasure Maps in ESO?

Treasure Maps are consumable items that can be found throughout ESO, and they are random drops from killing boss monsters or valuable loot stashes. These maps reveal the location of special loot and stashes in all areas of the game. When you find one, a Dirt Mound will be added to a specific location, hinted at by the picture on the map. When you activate it, you will dig up a treasure with some valuable items inside.


How to Locate Treasure Maps in ESO


Treasure maps can contain Antiquity Leads, crafting materials, Motifs, and sets. To obtain the secret loot, the Treasure Map much be in your inventory. You need to travel to the specific location of the stash and dig the mound. The map will be consumed when used.


You can find the same map more than once, but you can't carry two of the same map in your inventory. Treasure chests respawn, so you can reset your Treasure Map chest node by running away from it and returning. 


Best Treasure Maps in ESO

There are many Treasure Maps out in ESO. But not all of them are worth the time and effort. Below are some best Treasure maps you should use or sell at a better price than the others. 


Treasure Maps That Drop Ancestral Motifs

Aside from the Treasure Maps that can drop popular gear sets, the ones that drop Leads for Ancestral Motifs are also very expensive. Usually, the easiest way to get maps for Ancestral Motif Leads is to farm in the latest DLCs, such as Deadlands, Blackwood, and High Isle. In addition, the DLC zones are also great places to obtain Collector's Edition (CE) Maps, which were included in the Explorer Pack when The Elder Scrolls Online was pre-ordered. 


•    Deadlands drop Ancient Daedric Motif Leads

•    Blackwood drop Ancestral Akaviri Motif Leads

•    High Isle drop Ancestral Bretton Motif Leads


Best Treasure Maps in ESO - High Isle Dirt Mound locations

ESO High Isle Dirt Mound Locations


Furthermore, the Western Skyrim, The Reach, and the Blackreach zones contain Treasure Maps for Ancestral Reach Motif Leads. Also, maps from the Khenarthi's Roost are highly recommended because of the Ancestral High Elf Motifs. 


Maps That Drop Valuable Style Materials

Murkmire, Northern and Southern Elseweyr, and the Clockwork City are worth exploring because these areas have a chance of dropping valuable Style materials:


•    Murkmire: Hackwing Plumage

•    Northern and Southern Elseweyr: Shimmering Sands

•    Clockwork City: Tempered Brass


Best Treasure Maps to Keep or Sell in ESO


Hold Your Maps in Mailbox

Since you can not have more than one unique Treasure Map on you at a time, be sure to store duplicates in your Bank. If Treasure Maps use up a large amount of your inventory or Bank spaces, there is another method to hold them: You can mail Treasure Maps to your alternative account or your friends (Each mail can contain six maps). In this way, these maps can stay in your Mailbox for 30 days.


Which Treasure Map to Buy/Sell/Dig Up in ESO


Those are the best Treasure Maps you should farm for money in ESO. Please keep checking back for more ESO gold farming guides. If you can't be bothered to earn gold by yourself, you can always buy cheap ESO Gold from reliable video game currency sites, such as MmoGah. Whenever you need help, we have professional customer service representatives that are 24/7 online to support you.

Best Treasure Maps in ESO - Join MmoGah's Discord


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