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How to Make Gold in ESO: High Isle

With the arrival of the Update 34 and the High Isle Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, people have found new ways to get rich quickly in ESO. In this article, your old friend, Arttea, is going over some of the best new ways to make gold during the High Isle patch. Many of these gold-making methods are entirely new and thus require the High Isle chapter to receive the new items. However, a fair amount of these methods are still available to everyone because they concern meta changes and events.


1. World Boss Dailies

The daily repeatable quests are a great way to gather gear that can be sold for a good price or deconstructed for materials. For example, the new Steadfast Society Motif is obtainable for completing the World Boss dailies. New Motifs will be worth a lot of gold, although their prices will decline as more players complete the dailies and saturate the market. 


Note that if you receive a Motif from a daily reward coffer, your chance of receiving another within a 20-hour time frame plummets significantly. Therefore, you can consider waiting out the cooldown before opening any more of the same kind of coffer. 


If you receive gear that is in the Steadfast Society style, but you don't plan on selling, be sure to deconstruct it for the new valuable material called Stendarr Stamp. Stendarr Stamp is expensive because it's a necessary component for crafting the new High Isle furnishings such as the High Isle Bookcase. 


What is more, the Fargrave Guardian Motif, which should have been introduced to the game during Update 33, would also drop from the Fargrave World Boss Dailies in Update 34.


2. New Ancestral Breton Motifs

You have a chance to receive Leads for the new Ancestral Breton Motifs upon locating Treasure Map chests in High Isle. Below is how it works:


1. Acquire a Treasure Map.

2. Locate the Treasure Map chest location and dig it up.

3. Occasionally, a lead for an Ancestral Motif may drop.

4. Scry the Lead to locate the dig site.

5. Excavate the Lead to receive the tradeable Motif page.


Another point worth mentioning is that the Collector's Edition (CE) maps for High Isle also have a chance to drop the Ancestral Motif Leads. Therefore, be sure to complete these maps if you haven't already or list them on the Guild Traders for a decent amount of gold.


3. New High Isle Furnishing Plans

The new Furnishing plans that drop from any new zone are always worth a bunch, and two of players' best farming locations are Castle Vavire Knight's Wing and Mandrake Manor:


1. Castle Navire Knight's Wing

This place has many searchable containers, making it an excellent place to get a couple of new Furnishing plans.

How to Make Gold in ESO High Isle - Castle Navire Knight's Wing location


2. Mandrake Manor

Mandrake Manor is another good place to farm Furnishing plans. There were many searchable containers in this spot. Although the containers are a little far apart, it's still another decent option for farming plans. 

How to Make Gold in ESO High Isle - Mandrake Manor location


4. Upcoming ESO Events

A handful of events will take place in Update 34. Two prominent ones are the Zeal of Zenithar event and the Whitestrake's Mayhem.


Whitestrake's Mayhem

During the Whitestrake's Mayhem, people can earn Alliance Points through PvP activities, or they can complete town dailies to earn Pelinal boon boxes in the most efficient manner. Players also have a chance at receiving new style pages by killing IC bosses. 


Zeal of Zenithar

Zeal of Zenithar is an event that focuses on crafting and fighting bosses with guildies. During the event, people can kill bosses while grouped with guildies and turn in Master Writs to earn Zenithar reward parcels. Moreover, the new style pages will drop from the parcels.


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5. Treasure Chest Paintings

While the new gear sets from the High Isle zone are not very valuable, you do have a very rare chance of receiving High Isle paintings. You could also deconstruct Steadfast's Mettle gear for the precious Stendarr Stamps.


6. Popular Gear Sets

For money-making in ESO, it's important to know the meta changes and what gear sets will be sought after. Below are some sets that will be experiencing an increase in demand and price:


Order's Wrath (Craftable)

Order's Wrath is a decent set for PvP and PvE. During this patch, the Order's Wrath will be a must-have set for DPS, given the fact that it provides solid stats and a unique crit damage bonus that stacks with other crit bonuses like Minor and Major force. If Trial gear isn't yet an option for players, this set will do nicely.


Since Order's Wrath is one of the craftable sets in ESO, you don't need to have the High Isel Chapter to be able to make it. Most Guild halls/crafting halls have all of the attunable crafting stations in them. As long as you can access the Order's Wrath attunable crafting station, you will be able to make this set. Fortunately, you only need to learn three Traits to unlock the possibility of making it. Therefore, creating and selling Order's Wrath should be a fairly accessible way to earn a bit of gold via crafting.


Gryphon's Ferocity (Summerset)

A lot of PvPers have been gravitating towards the Gryphon's Ferocity set. This set is sought-after because it provides a significant speed boost, which is integral to open-world PvP. This set is also used as easy access to Minor Force. This set, coupled with the lines of crit that it provides, synergizes well with builds that are looking to build into crit damage, which seems to be the flavor of the month for this PvP meta.


Gryphon's Ferocity also synergizes well with another popular PvP set – Rallying Cry. Moreover, because the Sea-Serpent's Coil mythic is something that a fair amount of PvPers are considering incorporating into their builds, the Gryphon's Ferocity set can help alleviate the 40% snare that this mythic otherwise provides. 


Lastly, bar space is quite crucial for people using the new Mythic item – Oakensoul Ring. Luckily, Gryphon's Ferocity allows people to have access to Minor Force and free up a slot on their skill bar in the meantime. Therefore, make sure you run content or complete dailies in Summerset for a chance at receiving this set.


Night Mother's Gaze (Craftable)

Night Mother's Gaze has lines of crit, and its five-piece bonus has always been handy, making it another popular set to craft for gold.



Plaguebreak is a great set for both PvP and PvE, and its price has reached a new height now. But since Plaguebreak is a Rewards for the Worthy set, it is a little trickier to receive the gear than previously. 


7. Bloodthirsty Trait Stones

A lot more PvPers are using jewelry with Bloodthirsty Trait instead of the Infused, which was the more popular option for a fairly long while. This increase in the demand for Bloodthirsty jewelry, and subsequently, the Bloodthirsty Trait stone – Slaughterstone has resulted in a steady increase in its price, making it another good item to flip.


PvP Gear with Divines Trait

It is also worth mentioning that the PvP gear with Divine Trait is increasingly becoming a sought-after commodity. While many may still associate the Divine Trait with PvE gear or PvP Ganking, a lot of players are building into crit damage and running Divines with the Shadow Mundus on various builds, not just Ganking ones. So don't list PvP gear that's in Divines as low-price items. They are worth a whole lot more.


8. Tales of Tribute Rewards

Tales of Tribute is a new feature that debuted with the High Isle Chapter. When you win a match of this card game, you receive a box that can drop a wide variety of materials, including "Dragon" materials, which are pretty pricey. 


There are also daily repeatable quests that you can partake in to receive even more rewards, such as defeating three NPCs or three players. You can hand in these quests only after defeating one opponent. The more you defeat, the more reward boxes you will receive.


You can even receive special Leaderboard rewards if you partake in ranked, competitive, top matches. A few gamers have received some purple Tribute victory coffers upon completing their daily ranked match. But some of those purple coffers yielded crappy rewards, no different than some of the green coffer drops. Others received some purple Furnishing plans from the purple coffers and even a Tales of Tribute tapestry from a blue coffer.


Due to the average duration of each Tale of Tribute match and the low chance of getting valuable items, Tale of Tribute is not an incredible gold-earning strategy. However, it is still a nice way to make gold if you enjoy playing this card game.


Those are the best new ways to make a ton of gold in ESO: High Isle. If you like Arttea's video, make sure to subscribe to her channel and visit her site, which shares many useful gold-making methods for ESO.


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For more helpful ESO news and guides, please stay tuned.


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