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What To Do After Level 55 in ArcheAge Unchained

Anna June 19th, 2021 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

Congratulations, you conquered all the PvP leveling zones, labored through the side quests, and farmed your way to level 55 in Archeage Unchained. What are you supposed to do next? MmoGah will share with you the guide about what you should be doing once you hit level 55. Let's begin.


Get Ancestral Level 1

At 55, your level journey has only begun. You've probably seen people running around with the little wings with the number on their health bar and that is their ancestral level. We can think of it as a prestige mode or the continuation of the leveling process.


Archeage Unchained Wings With The Number


Each ancestral level will give you small bonuses listed below.


Archeage Unchained Small Bonuses

And it will continue up to level 55 ancestral, but the HP required to reach that level enters the billions. Testing your level 1, 4, 7, 10 and some skill trees 13 will also give you access to skilled variations such as a flame version of your skill. This will mean by a higher damage output but a longer cooldown for your skills. You can unlock ancestral level 1 by grinding more XP once you get to 55, getting $2,000 and buying an honor forged metal from the honor shop and heading to the combat tab. After that, you should stop focusing on leveling your ancestors as hard as you did to get to level 55. This is because the exp needed to farm each level is drastically high, and your gear for grinding is not great. I feel as more advantageous to now start focusing on doing dailies, making gold and storing labor for gear improvements. Once you have stronger gear, it is far easier to grind ancestral levels.


Do Your Hiram and Honor Dailies

By level 55, you should have wakened your explore gear to a Hiram set. To continue upgrading your gear, you will need to complete the daily west, which will give you Hiram Infusions and more Awakening Scrolls. There are 11 Hiram daily quests in six different zones, which you can complete once a day. You need to do these every day even if you do not use the infusions or scroll right away because you're going to need an unholy amount of both of them in the future. You can usually find rates doing them around 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time because that is the server's reset time. It will normally take around 45 minutes to 1 hour to do a full clear, depending on the number of people you have. I've run too many of these as Hiram and daily reset rates, and now it's your turn.


These are the locations that I have found to be the most effective routes to their mobs in each zone.




Western Hiram Mountains

Eastern Hiram Mountains


In Sungold, Exeloch and Reedwind, I feel it is better to get the Awakening Scrolls. Because those will help you upgrade your gear from tier 1 to tier 2,and you will need 10 scrolls per attempt. These dailies are the easiest way to get the scroll aside from grinding mobs in each zone.


In Western Hiram, I feel it is better to get the Awakening Scrolls as well because those will help you awaken your gear from tier 2 to tier 3 and require 25 scrolls per attempt.


In Eastern Hiram, I feel it is best to get the blue infusions for your gear. There are two bosses that you will kill, and those will offer you 5 red scrolls. It will require 50 scrolls to upgrade your gear from tier 3 to tier 4, and that might take a little bit of time for your honor dailies.


To be sure that you are doing Crimson Rift. These events - Grimghast Rift, Aegis Island, and Whalesong Harbor happen throughout the day and give you a good amount of honor, and then at night, be sure that you are looking for raids that will do Lusca, which is fighting big sea monsters and the sea of grey.


Once you have reached the 4k gear score, you will be able to queue for Golden Plains Battle, which is a base race team deathmatch as a faction. Each faction will try to break down the other factions’ base and kill them. Winners get 2k honor, and everyone who participates gets 1k free labor.


At 4k, you'll also be able to do fall of Hiram City, the reward of which is based on how many supplies you bring to the camp to save refugees, and you can get a max of 1500 honor from this. 


At 6k, you'll be able to fight the Red Dragon in Kadum - big tree. Red Dragon will give you 2k honor, and Kadum will reward you with honor as well. Be sure you are doing these so that you can get gems for your gear, which will continue to improve your gear score.


Do Your Arena Dailies

Since you are level 55, you will have access to all the arenas and all your skills. Make sure that you are queuing up for each arena. If you win or lose, you will start getting rewarded with infusion kits and Kyrios tokens. Kyrios tokens are super important because you will get the best titles in the game, which give you a lot of bonus stats. But more importantly, it will allow you to do stat migration. Stat migration is essentially moving stats out of one useless stat and giving them to the stat you need. For example, I play Archer, and my main ability is agility. I do not need my strength stat because that increases melee attack, so I get a migration talisman and move 10 points out of strength and put 10 into agility, thus increasing my agility, which makes me stronger. You can move up to 300 points from different trees, and this will greatly increase your accuracy damage and create rate for the stat you needed. That is why you need to do your arena dailies.


Complete the Main Story Line Quest

If you have not done so, it is important that you would go through and complete all your green quests. At the end of the Western Hiram, you will be given a howling mount and 100 gold. The howling mount has a base speed of 11.5 meters per second, making it the fastest mount in the game at the moment, which means that you'll be able to travel around the map faster, get to grinding spots quicker, and let's face it - 100 gold startup is not too bad for completing the quest. Make sure that you have done those, and you can get on your way with continuing the grind for gear.


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