• The Summary of Server Transfers and Evolutions in Archeage
    By John Ryan2015-08-18 00:00:00

    Finally, Trion and XLGAMES plan to perform the Evolution in mid-September. What an amazing news! However, the transfer sign-ups will take place well before the Evolution. Here, Mmogah introduce everything related to the effect of server transfers and evolutions to all players in detail:

    server merge in archeage

    The current dates for everything related to the Evolution process:

    August 25: Server Transfer Signups begin (Evolution-affected players only).


    September 4: Server Transfer Signups end. All characters on affected servers will be forbidden, or they will be involved in the server merge.


    September 8: All transfers will be processed at this moment. During this time, the game offline will be going on (in order to ensure they operate smoothly). These plans are still subject to change.


    Mid-September: Archeage North America & Europe will be taken offline to begin the server Evolution and Auction House cluster changes, which will take approximately 2 days to complete. Then all servers gain their new character cap (raised from 4 to 6). As for the exact date for this release, no one give definitely the answer.


    With only a week to go, all Archeage players should take actions to make preparations well based on the top schedule, especially pay attention to your inventories, warehouses and Archeage gold accounts. Mmogah sincerely remind all players to focus on the dynamic information in the following days.

    server transfer in archeage 

    The Server Merge:

    Through the negotiation, the Archeage developer decides to make some servers merged after carefully looking at the active populations of all servers. As a result, new servers’ populations will be roughly equal to our high-population servers.


    North America (merged)

    Naima and Enla will be merged to form Kraken.

    Inoch and Calleil will be merged to form Hanure.

    Ezi and Lucius will be merged to form Nazar.


    Europe (merged)

    Aier and Orchidna will be merged to form Anthalon.

    Melisara and Nebe will be merged to form Sirothe.

    Nui and Janudar will be merged to form Leviathan.


    The Auction House Shared by New Servers

    server evolution in archeage 

    With the servers being merged, the Auction House is also changed. After the Evolution, the Auction House will be arranged into the following shared clusters:

    North America

    Auction House Cluster 1: Ollo, Tahyang, Salphira, Kraken

    Auction House Cluster 2: Aranzeb, Kyrios, Nazar, Hanure

    Auction House Cluster 3: Morpheus



    Auction House Cluster 1: Shatigon, Kyprosa, Sirothe

    Auction House Cluster 2: Eanna, Dahuta, Anthalon, Leviathan

    Auction House Cluster 3: Rangora


    Mmogah believes that most players are affected, they have lots of questions to ask, which are frequently related to if Auroria will be available at launch for Morpheus and Rangora; if XLGAMES and Trion will do something about players who are stockpiling Credits and Labor to take to Morpheus and Rangora; after the merger, how long their items will last; if it is true what they have heard that guilds will be capped to 100 people in Update 2.0; if they will be compensated if our guild owns a castle during the Evolution period; what will happen to my home if they have houses on Diamond Shores.


    About these questions, Trion and XL give official answers: Auroria will be available, however, there is no exact time for it; items stored on an account level (such as Credits and Labor) can be taken to any server – that includes Morpheus and Rangora. However, players are unable to pick and choose which servers they can be taken to; there is still uncertain time for their items to last; in the original Korean version of Archeage Update 2.0, the guild will be capped to 100 players, which is absolutely true. However, guilds that are level 1 or 2 will have no cap on how many people can be a member, guilds that are level 3 or above will be subject to the 100 player cap; guilds will not be able to retain ownership of their castles after the Evolution. All guilds must reclaim their castles once the servers re-open. However, XL and Trion are looking into providing all castle owners with compensation packs; if player owns land on Diamond Shores, his land will be demolished after Update 2.0 due to the upcoming revitalization of the area.


    Mmogah will renew our Archeage News about the Server Transfers and Evolutions. New server will bring players more new characters and more fantastic gameplays, so players just need to prepare enough Archeage gold and wait for a few weeks. If players need any service of Archeage gold, Mmogah is your best choice. Please keep your eyes on our official website-