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The Strategy of Upgrading Level 50 within 4 days in Archeage

John Ryan August 12th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

As an emerging MMORPG, Archeage is more and more popular among players all over the world. The MMORPG lovers all focus the same aspect-Fast Upgrade. Here Mmogah will sincerely share our most valuable strategy-Upgrade level 50 within 4 days.


Accomplishing the tasks to upgrade

     Recommendation: Wild Occultism + Random, Assassination recommended. Death Magic + Random, will recommended. If players don’t like the occupation, they can change other occupations.


    The Choice of Boss: Melee-type Boss. Players had better to choose their same levels or lower levels than themselves, while fighting with higher-level Boss, they maybe miss at once.


    Level 1-Level 30: At first, players should follow the tasks. Then up to Level 20, the tasks will be less than now, so it is right time for players to fight with Bosses. Players should choose melee-type Bosses (the same level). 3 recommended professions on the top can help players succeed in fighting with melee-type Boss within only 10 seconds without any injury, what’s more they have higher efficiency and continue to accomplish tasks after upgrade.


    Level 30-Level 40: After Level 30, there will be neutral map. Sooner to easier upgrade, players had better not run to other continent to accomplish the task, of course, players can have a try if they think they can make enough preparation.


    After Level 40: No brain to brush from Level 40 to Level50, because at this time the tasks provide little experience. A task is equivalent to killing 10 Bosses.


    As for Level 40, succeeding in fighting with a Boss will gain 0.3% experience, 300 Bosses for a level. Level1-Level 50 need 15,000 Bosses, 10 seconds for a Boss, in other words, about 40 hours for 15,000 Bosses. So10 hours each day, 4 days for 50 levels.


    After Level 50, players back to make their equipment. Normally green equipment (gained by fighting Boss) are enough to use, however stronger equipment (Archeage gold are needed here, as a ten-year gold seller Mmogah always provides Best Archeage Gold Service in Mmogah for our customers) for Level 51-Level 55 and it will be more difficulty for players to through Level 51-Level 55. 24-hour online can be level 50 within 2 days.


As for the players who don’t want to accomplish the tasks, they can select the following methods to upgrade.

melee-type boss

    Players can fight with the same Boss until do not gain experience, and then continue to fight with a higher-level Boss until do not gain experience, keeping the circulation.


    There is little difference among experience gained by fighting Bosses. Fighting a Boss on Level 1 gains more than 70 experience, a Boss on Level 50 for more than 300 experience. So it is higher-efficiency to fight with lower-level Bosses.


    Players can consume labor to collect equipment (usually available equipment is less stable than that gained by accomplishing tasks), moreover the advantage of this method is that players can find a place to brush all the time, while doing the task needs players to grab the Bosses themselves.


Above all, there are two main methods for players to upgrade in Archeage, either of them is a good choice. Mmogah update Archeage News every week, if players want to know more about Archeage, please keep your eyes on our website.


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