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The Red Dragon Guide in Archeage

John Ryan August 21st, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

When it comes to Red Dragon, Mmogah believes that almost all Archeage players know about Red Dragon Glider and Red Dragon Scale which are important in Archeage, especially Red Dragon Scale. Here, Mmogah will be glad to totally share our valuable Red Dragon Guide with all Archeage players.

archeage red dragon

Finding out and Killing Red Dragon

First players will find the Dragon in Red Dragon’s Keep, then they should handle this red egg and get some scales (this is pretty easy). However, during the battle between Red Dragon and players, there are usually 4 main Red Dragon attacks in the following part that players should pay attention to.


  • Tail Spins Twice

Each spin trips and does damage. If first spin hits and trips player, he will probably get hit by second spin.

  • Meteor Strike

Circles appear beneath players where damage-dealing meteors will hit after a short delay.

  • Flamethrower

Breathes fire that does damage.

  • Wing Knockback

Flaps wings twice that knocks players in front of him backwards a good distance. No damage.


What’s more, all players should grasp the information that Red Dragon kills itself after a set amount of time (However, many players have no time to wait or are not strong enough to beat Red Dragon, under the circumstance Mmogah advises players to use Archeage gold to buy Red Dragon Scales to make their own weapons). As long as players get the Residual Dragon’s Breath after (See next slide), they don’t have to hit dragon or put themselves in danger at all.


Red Dragon Glider

Archeage Red Dragon glider is one of the fastest gliders. As a flying mount, the flight and descent speed of Red Dragon is maximum. Archeage Red Dragon glider has 5 skills-Glider Nitro, Fury, Flame, Smoke Cloud, Self-Destruction.


  • Glider Nitro-The explosion of the gunpowder lifts the glider upwards

  • Fury-Multiple charges detonates few meters ahead. It deals 53~64 physical damage each.

  • Flame-Cracking down on the ground a few meters away from each other. Dealing 81~150 magical damage each.

  • Smoke Cloud-It produces a smoke cloud, which increases the speed of the glider.

  • Self-Destruction-It decreases rapidly rewards the target and shatters it, dealing 2000~2500 damage within 3 m. The player loses 3500~4000 HP.


Red Dragon Scale

Red Dragon Scale is really important, after players kill the dragon, they will get Dragon wings, Dragon scales and Bones of the Dragon. These parts will be used for the crafting of: Decorative Costume, Jewelry and Weapons (players will use Red Dragon Scales to upgrade their equipment after Level 50).

archeage decorative costume

  • Characteristics (left):

Increases the maximum HP by 600

Increases casting speed by 3%

Increases magical attack by 15

Increases magical protection by 400


  • Characteristics (middle):

Reduces the damage taken from magical attacks 15

Increases the chance of critical attacks by 3%

Increases armor by 700

Increases magical protection by 400


  • Characteristics (right):

Increases the maximum HP by 700

Reduces the damage taken from ranged attacks by 15

Increases magical protection by 400


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