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The Detailed Analysis of Weapons in Archeage

John Ryan August 07th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

There are many kinds of weapons in Archeage, mainly including two major types of weapons (one-handed and two-handed weapons). The panel properties of the characters who wear two-handed weapons are higher than those of the characters who wear one-handed weapons. However, the characters who wear one-handed weapons can gain extra deputy weapons, further gain property bonus for deputy weapons. Both two-handed and one-handed weapons, the same type of weapons has the same hidden property.


Here Mmogah will introduce the 7 kinds of weapons-Sword, Knife, Dagger, Spear, Axe, Blunt, Staff in Archeage to players, as a result, players will grasp the unique hidden property of every weapon and exactly choose their satisfactory weapons.


  •     When attacking with Sword, which can trigger 100% Parry BUFF for the next attack.

  •     When armed with Knife in the attack, which can trigger 100% critical hidden BUFF for the next attack.

  •     When armed with Dagger in the attack, which has a chance to trigger “increasing attack speed” BUFF.


  •     When armed with Spear in the attack, which sometimes has a chance to trigger “armor-defeating” effect.

  •     When armed with Axe in the attack, which has a chance to make the target be in 14 seconds of blood, with the change of weapons grade, bleeding injuries also vary and bleeding damage is considerable.

  •     When armed with Blunt in the attack, which has a chance to stun the target when beating the enemy. Different weapons lead to different stun time, higher-level blunt leads to longer stun time.

  •     When armed with staff, which has a chance to restore magic value when releasing the magic. As long as the magic skills all can be triggered, recovery of specific values is related to character levels and properties.


Mmogah wants to tell all players that basic weapons are available by players themselves, as for high-level weapons, Archeage gold must be needed. Many players do not realize the importance of Archeage gold, you will understand after reading Why Players Prefer to Buy Archeage Gold Rather than Make Money by Themselves in Archeage. As a professional Archeage gold seller, Mmogah provide the best services for our customers. I believe that Mmogah is always your best choice.


When triggering the hidden passive effects of weapons, which can be connected with their own skills. Deadly attack can cause more damage to the bleeding characters, or use Shadow to stun opponents. Here Mmogah wants to remind players that triggering chances of two-handed weapon hidden BUFF are calculated separately, that is holding two different weapons can trigger 2 species of BUFF but triggering chances are low, holding the same weapons which naturally only trigger an effect but triggering chances are comparatively high. So the panel property of one-handed weapons is lower than that of two-handed weapons, but from the triggering hidden property, one-handed weapons have big advantages. Above all, players should think it over which kind weapon is suitable for themselves.


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