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The Best Class Choice and Skillsets of Gold Making in ArcheAge

John Ryan November 06th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   


Whether you are old subscribers or new comers you might often face a common situation of running low on gold in your accounts for some fancy houses, armor and so on.  At this time, players can directly choose the way of purchasing ArcheAge gold from professional Archeage gold seller like, or choose some classes which are good at making gold in the game of ArcheAge.

However, there are as many as 120 varied classes in total in this MMO game, therefore how to discover which classes are more efficient on maximizing your gold profit is a quite tough question for some of the ArcheAge players especiallly for the newbies.  The following guide might help out answering this question.

The classes of making gold efficiently usually have some characters in common:

  • The classes which take the least damage while outputting massive AOE damage.

  • The classes with pet-tanks are also good choices for wild zone gold farming.

  • The classes which have skills of kiting and stunning.

  • The classes which have a combination of stun locks and heals.

And according to the result of our researches we suggest that the best three skillsets are shown below.


Sorcery- The skillset of Sorcery has many great survivability skills that ArcheAge players can choose from.  Some of the skills like Insulating Lens, which can produce a large AOE snare through a protective bubble and skill of Freezing Earth. In a word, this skillset can increase DPS output and solid AOE damage.


Witchcraft- It is a pretty interesting choice and it is a harmony skillset to Sorcery. If Sorcery is a solid AOE snare which can make enemies backward, then skillset of Witchcraft can increase the duration of stuns and trips. So the combination of these two skillsets give players much solid self-healing affect. Additionally, Play Dead allows players to be out of tough situation immediately.


Occultism- Players can obtain the skill of Hell Spear to impale their enemies. And the other skill of Mana Stars can dish out much damage and reduce enemies’ movement speed.

The best class for gold making is The Demonologist

The combination of these three skillsets gets us the final answer of the best class for gold making. Let’s see the basic rotations of the Demonologist that players can use for PVE gold making:

  • Banshee’s Wail

  • Freezing Earth

  • Hell Spear

  • Insulating Lens

  • Magic Circle

  • Mana Stars

  • Searing Rain

  • Summon Crows

The class of The Demonologist is considered as one of the most powerful classes in both areas of PVE battle and gold making. So if players who are interested in any one of these two areas, The Demonologist is certainly a good choice.

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