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Secrets of Ayanad: Ayanad Library in ArcheAge

John Ryan March 12th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

After gaining entrance to Ayanad Library, you can navigate between levels using portals positioned in the corners of each floor. Travelling through one of the portals whisks you to the next floor’s rest area in which you can interact with a general merchant, blacksmith, warehouse, mailbox, Memory Tome, and Ayanad NPCs looking for adventurers to explore the library’s depths. At each of these mini-hubs, your group can travel through an instance portal to adventure into one of two unique dungeons: a floor-specific boss battle or a “Corner Reading Room” progressive encounter.

MmoGah archeage gold, Secrets of Ayanad: Ayanad Library in ArcheAge
Purchasing bounty quests from an Ayanad Disciple for a nominal fee is a good choice before entering in it, though all of them can be purchased at the same time, these kill quests require that you’ve completed the previous step to progress, bringing you with enough archeage gold is necessary. You can reap even more rewards by completing exploration quests from a library task board, as well as unique quests offered on each day of the week.


Ayanad Library itself contains items of great value like the Stolen Librarian’s Pouch, a satchel bearing a wealth of Archeum (including Crystals and Essences). Mini-bosses drop highly desired components used to build Obsidian Weapons of all tiers, and you can use a Regal Form outside of the library’s entrance to assemble rare costumes from library components.

Magical Marginalia
- The difficulty of all library creatures has been tuned down from overwhelming (read: obliterating) levels in the Korean release. For your own safety, level requirements are also in place for each of the library’s floors:
• Floor 1: Level 50+
• Floor 2: Level 51+
• Floor 3: Level 53+

- Certain NPCs in Diamond Shores (and each library rest area) sell tickets that can be consumed to teleport you directly to a floor hub, though you must be of the appropriate level to use them.
- The North American / European version of the Ayanad Library has PvP combat disabled on all floors to encourage dungeon crawling and discourage zone monopolization.

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