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New Winter Maiden Festival Flair has came to ArcheAge World

John Ryan December 16th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   


As Christmas coming around the corner, Trion Worlds is holding the Winter Maiden Festival in the game of ArcheAge for all of the ArcheAge players. So what are you waiting for ? Now visit the Marketplace to buy some new festival cheer items, haulers, weapons, etc. to costume your character and decorate your home as well. All the fancy holiday items will not be available on the New Year’s Day on 1st January, 2016.

Brand New Christmas Items in Marketplace:

l  Large Winter Maiden Décor Bundle

This bundle is worth 4,820 credits in total. It contains 44 Multicolor Light String, 6 Golden Snowflake Garland, 2 Prancing Glowing Candy Canedeer, 1 Glowing Candy Canedeer, 2 Winter Maiden Wreath, 1 Snowflake Star, 2 Starpop Post, 4 Candy Cane Post, 1 Starbright Show Cone Tree, 2 Fairy Sparkle Tree, 8 Itty – Bitty – Glittergreen, 4 Itty – Bitty Fairy Sparkle Tree.

l  Small Winter Maiden Décor Bundle

This Bundle is worth 2,260 credits. Let see what’s inside it? It includes 22 Green and Red Holiday Lights, 2 Golden Snowflake Garland, 1 Winter Maiden Wreath, 1 Candy Canedeer, 1 Prancing Candy Canedeer, 1 Snowflake Star, 2 Candy Cane Post, 4 Itty – Bitty – Glittergreen, 2 Itty – Bitty Fairy Sparkle Tree.

For preparing these holiday items, ArcheAge players should firstly stock some gold. which has run the gold selling business for about 10 years. It is a reliable and secure ArcheAge gold seller. If you would like to buy ArcheAge gold, you can visit our online store. Moreover mmogah also provides ArcheAge power leveling service to players, so if any queries there, please do not hesitate to contact our customer reps via Live Chat at any time. Now 5% off promotion activity is undergoing at Mmogah. Get this Christmas coupon code here.

Let’s see some new Holiday Decoration and Fusions in the following contents of this essay. Click here for more details.

Starbright Show Cone Tree475 credits
Fairy Sparkle Tree 200 credits
Itty – Bitty – Glittergreen75 credits
Glowing Candy Canedeer225 credits
Prancing Glowing Candy Canedeer225 credits
Candy Canedeer225 credits
Starpop Post100 credits
Candy Cane Post100 credits

Last but not the least,  the Yuletide Hauler Fusion Certificate is on sale now. Anyone who is interested in it can have it by the price only 700 credits.  Sugarplum Shank costs 150 credits. Sweet Flavor Saber costs 150 credits, etc. So, enjoy the Christmas festival and have fun!

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