• Let’s Celebrate the Winter Maiden Festival in ArcheAge
    By John Ryan2015-12-04 00:00:00


    The season Winter Maiden Festival is coming around in ArcheAge soon, and this time the hosts of the festival will be Marianople and Solis Headlands.  In those zones players can not engage in PvP when the Winter Maiden Festival is undergoing according to the Festival Law, and players still can be attacked when they are in the Dominion Battle. Let’s see the details of the Festival in the following article.

    The Winter Maiden event duration: from December 9th to December 28th

    How to take part in this event?

    Players go to visit the Winter Maiden’s Messenger in their capital city and be ready for the festival quests.

    What contents does the event have?

    l  Hunting a winter ghost

    l  Praying for the maiden under Kyprosa’s Blessed Tree

    l  Engaging in a snowball fight during Mistmerrow battles

    What prizes will ArcheAge players get this year?

    The prizes are Special snowman statues. There are two ways that ArcheAge players can find and get them. The first way is to get them from the Winter’s GhostAnd players can own them from the Festival Exchanger as well. If players who do not get the rewards in this festival, please do not feel upset, because they will be available later at the permanent Festival Exchange Machine in Mirage Isle.

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    Moreover, there are also some other interesting items for this festival. Click here for more details.

    l  Winter Maiden Festival Tree Chest

    l  Winter Maiden’s Lullaby

    l  Grey Plushie Pet

    l  Cypress Music Box

    l  Reindeer Headwear

    l  Yule Maiden Hat

    l  Snowman Headwear

    So all of the ArcheAge players, get your characters wearing winter coats and celebrate the Winter Maiden Festival on December 9th. Plenty of rewards are waiting for you and you will be surprised.