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Kyprosa’s Favor Bundle Is Launched in ArcheAge World Now

John Ryan December 31st, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   



To defense the season’s snow and ice, ArcheAge has launched the winter fancy Kyprosa’s favor bundle with the limited time in the game stared from December 22nd.  Players can own this bundle and its components in marketplace. Additionally, players can also pick up a special costume which is inspired by the patron of Vitalism Kyprosa Daeior, so this is why the bundle’s been called Kyprosa’s favor bundle.


Basic information of the bundle and which items does it include:


l  The Kyprosa’s Favor bundle is limited and with limited time. Each account only can have one.

l  30 days + 10 days of patron offered.

l  It also contains 1000 Credits.

l  Bound Worker’s compensation is 1000.

l  The Kyprosa’s Favor bundle includes Lucky Sunpoint, Lucky Moonpoint and Lucky Starpoint.

l  Kyprosa’s Winter Furs and 2 Red Regrade Charms are included.

l  The unique Wool Hat. It allows your characters to generate more labor if you wear it while sleeping.


What’s more, let’s see two winners of the Holiday Hero Video Contest’s  marvelous works in the following contents. All the contest pieces are funny and outstanding, and Trion Worlds chose the best 3 works at last. Here are two of them.




Happy Holidays from Outplayed 


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