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How to Grasp the Economic Lifeblood in Archeage

John Ryan July 30th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

Countless players carry a dream of making money to the high-freedom Archeage online world, dreaming of a hefty profit. They are not traders, but insist on the road of trading in the dream, as a result, the bloody reality makes them hit pieces.


Most ordinary players who want to get reward have few front-end investments, maybe learn a little more about the game, but are not able to clearly grasp in-game commodity prices. When and what kinds of high-value and high-consumption materials have been studied thoroughly by countless players, so our Archeage gold selling site reminds players not to be at the mercy of others, as a tool for others to gain profits.

materials in archeage

Perhaps feasible methods are provided in the following parts:


  • First: as for ordinary players, they have fewer spots in early times, are often robbed, and even larger consumption of planting in the wild. The individual production spots of ordinary players who can control are relatively limited, so players farm what they need, planting what they need in early times, if there is something left besides those are used by players that will be sold for Archeage gold without considering high or low prices. Demands are universal, the materials they need may be what others need, even if the value of these materials is not as high as other materials and the profits are little, collecting materials at purchasing price is also value added.


  • Second: actually, the production in the wild is very rich. Even though there are so many players, few players have the patience to look for high-value materials in the wild (the wild is not only involved Land, but also the Vast Ocean and Seabed. Our site has just introduced about the materials on the Land). The materials in the wild are scarce materials which are not likely to be controlled by any major traders, so the investment in the wild is valuable. Moreover, players need to carefully record on time, spending more energy than others, as a result players are bound to have significant gains. As far as we know, players who put emphasis on the wild have a huge amount of income every day.

materials in the wild

  • Third: every player is equal on the way to gain gold, if players insist on accomplishing all tasks of gaining Defina Stars. Players use the fastest speed to make trade ships, which is a real leadership, a real business and also the best chance for ordinary players to be in the leading position. After having a trade ship, players will truly take the first step. Purchasing price materials across the continent are invariant necessities and shortage materials, in addition, compared Harpoon clippers with trade vessels, which is the difference between heaven and Earth.


  • Fourth: ordinary players had better go on cooperating with each other, collaborating on their continents and across the continents. Players exchange materials each other, alternatively transporting, whose advantage will be much larger than personal, and those are the mature models.


Above all, we hope that we provide these methods to help players a lot. If players want to know more about Archeage, you can put your emphasis on our Archeage News.


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