• Hallowtide Haunted House Has Come into ArcheAge World
    By John Ryan2015-10-21 00:00:00


    Seasonal items Hallowtide furniture pieces have come to haunt your land. Players will find that their hallowtide favorites rise from the dead, therefore do remember not to miss this previous opportunity, stop by the ArcheAge Marketplace and grab the new set of Hallowtide furniture pieces before they return to the grave.


    According to the announcement on ArcheAge Official Forum, Marketplace update will re-enable the items listed below for the servers of Morpheus and Rangora.

    l  Lunar Scarecrow Farm Design

    l  Majestic Tree

    l  Mining Drill

    l  Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling

    l  Explorer’s Chest

    l  The Merchant’s Chest


    New key Marketplace Items

    Ultimate Hallowtide Décor pack

    It is totally a brand new pack for the coming festival Halloween which costs player 4900 Credits. For the players who would like to buy some fast, safe and cheap ArcheAge gold for this unique pack, Mmogah, a professional gold selling service, would be your reliable choice. Let’s see what’s in this pack in the following article. The pack contains “1 Gilt Blackwood Coffin, 1 Ancient Tombstone, 1 Hallowtide Tombstone, 1 Spooky Streetlight, 1 Jack-o’-Snack Bowl, 1 Farmer’s Friend Jack-o’-Lantern, 1 Gleeful Goblin Jack-o’- Lantern, 1 Rabid Jack-o’-Lantern, 1 Snooty Vamp-o’-Lantern, 1 Hallowtide Feast Table, 1 Tricked Treat Balloons, 1 Spirit-Mimic Balloons, 10 Haunted Rickety Picket Fence, and 10 Rickety Picket Fences.” Additionally, the Gilt Blackwood Coffin offers 150 labor compared with the labor number of 80 in last year, so it’s absolutely a good news to players who are interested in this Hallowtide Décor pack.


    There are also other new Hallowtide Furniture items in 2015 which are Stellar Scarecrow Farm Design, Gilt Deathchill Coffin, Pumpkin Lantern, Crooked Pumpkin Lantern, Pumpkin Streetlamp, Pumpkin Spiked Gate, and Pumpkin Spiked Fence.


    Returning Hallowtide Furniture Items

    Gilt Blackwood Coffin (2500 Credits)

    Ancient Tombstone (500 Credits)

    Hallowtide Tombstone (500 Credits)

    Spooky Streetlight (400 Credits)

    Jack-o’-Snack Bowl (200 Credits)

    Farmer’s Friend Jack-o’-Lantern (200 Credits)

    Gleeful Goblin Jack-o’-Lantern (200 Credits)

    Rabid Jack-o’-Lantern (200 Credits)

    Snooty Vamp-o’-Lantern (200 Credits)

    Hallowtide Feast Table (400 Credits)

    Tricked Treat Balloons (300 Credits)

    Spirit-Mimic Balloons (100 Credits)

    Haunted Rickety Picket Fence (90 Credits)

    Rickety Picket Fence (50 Credits)

    Autumnal Wreath (175 Credits)

    Fallen Leaves (200 Credits)


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