• Get Your Personal Lovely Baby Pet in Pawesome Festival of ArcheAge
    By John Ryan2015-11-13 00:00:00


    According to the latest news from Trion Worlds Offical, an activity called the Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival will be hold in the game of Archeage between November 14th and November 28th.  At that time, ArcheAge players can stop by Skyfang in Windscour Savannah to take part in this festival and adopt a lovely pet in the festival.

    How to adopt a baby pet?

    l  First, ArcheAge players should start the adoption journey by speaking with Nairamda.

    l  Who is Nairamda? Nairamda is the keeper of beasts who will offer player a quest to accept a frail pet to take care of.

    Types of baby pets that ArcheAge players can choose from?

    There are 8 types of babies in total which are baby Black Cat, baby Calico, baby Elk, baby Gray Tabby, baby Orange Tabby, baby Seal-point, baby Wolfhound Puppy and baby Yata.

    How to earn festival tokens by aiding animals?

    l  Time: Every day at 6:00am PST (3:00pm CET), 11:00am PST (8:00pm CET), and 4:00 PST (1:00am CET).

    l  Tarkir will be available for 1 hour and looking for able-bodied adventurers.

    l  Speak with Tarkir in order to carry a lost baby Yata or baby Elk on your back and safely return them to their families.

    l  Rewards: Successfully finish above procesurres, you will earn 2 Pawesome Festival tokens, and according to ArcheAge official information, players can repeat this quest 3 times each day. In that case, each player can maximumly get 6 Pawesome Festival Tokens.

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    Let’s continually talk about the pet subject. In the coming festival, ArcheAge players can use the Festival Tokens to buy some Festival Machine after they sucessfully finishing the quest. See more details as below.


    Pet Leash70 Tokens
    Tufted Pet Tower20 Tokens
    Cozy Pet Bed20 Tokens
    Playful Pet Cushion20 Tokens
    Wooden Pet Bed20 Tokens
    Beastmaster Token10 Tokens
    Collectible Cutout Box5 Tokens


    At last, please remember that The Pawesome Festival Redemption Machine will disappear on 5th, Dec, so call your friends, don’t miss the opportunity and enjoy the festival!