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Get 2015’s New Halloween Costumes in ArcheAge Marketplace

John Ryan October 29th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   


The traditional holiday Halloween is coming soon, have you guys prepared  fancy, odd or scared costumes for your characters yet in the game of ArcheAge for the Halloween party? With Hallowtide in swing, are you ready to ditch your old formal armor and pick up some ghostly garb that’s risen from the grave?

According to the new updates released by ArcheAge offical,  ArcheAge players can find not only the 2015’s Hallowtide costumes, but also the two brand new griffin mounts in marketplace. Read below for more information.

Hallowtide costumes

l  Lockbox:

  1.  Hallowtide Lockbox: Golden Dawn (420 Credits). The costume is described as “Shine bright like a diamond”. This season must be all about gold. Have you guys prepared enough ArcheAge gold for those fancy Hallowtide items? Buying gold at is fast and safe. Choosing the gold transaction method of Auction House, mmogah will pay the deposit fee (48 hours only) for you and if the gold you bought from Mmogah is unfortunately recalled by Trion World company, we’ll compensate the loss amount to you. Click for more information about compensation statement and “How to Get Fast and Smooth Delivery When Buying ArcheAge Gold at Mmogah”.

  2. Re-released item Hallowtide Lockbox: Bloodmaw Eveningwear (350 Credits). It is a cavalcade of crimson and black which shows the most discerning of tastes of the players who own it.

l  Credits:

  1. Prisoner’s Pride is a costume with lots of stripes around the body, and it is worth 1,625 Credits.

  2. Tomb-Bound Wraps, an item costs player 2,295 Credits in total.

l  Loyalty: Eternal Wish Raiment (350 Loyalty).

New Griffin Mounts in Marketplace

l  Moonfeather Griffin: It is a white, downy, pure-bred Griffin which is raised from birth to become the steed of the most heroic. Value: 3,500 Credits.


l  Nocturne Griffin: Different from the Moonfeather Griffin, the Nocturne Griffin is black, and this pure-bred Griffin is raised from birth to become a steed of war and judgment.


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