• Brief and Quick ArcheAge Fishing Guide
    By John Ryan2015-10-10 00:00:00

    archeage fishing

    Basic information of fishing in ArcheAge? 

    Fishing in ArcheAge is one of the most epic things to do, Players will gain a lot of items or other rewards while fishing. There are many types of fish in the sea to catch. One of the best things about fishing is Sport Fishing which can help players to have ArcheAge gold. The gold reward amount can even go up to 25 gold or more.


    How to do fishing? 

    l  First of all, players need to get to a suitable fishing pole such as Bamboo Fishing Pole or Steel Fishing Rod. (Steel Fishing Rod requires 10k for fishing)

    l  Next find a nearby lake or sea, and after that players need to press on the Fishing skill (R) or Hook icon.

    l  Players can choose auto fishing by clicking on the Fishing Skill and then clicking on the water. All done. Easy right?


    Fishing (Pros) - Fast Leveling - Simple and fun - Quick Gold

    Fishing (Cons) - Can get players killed or robbed if fishing in war area


    How to do Sport fishing?

    That's a tough question but don't worry, you will find the answer in the following contents.  

    l  For Sport Fishing, players need firstly to find Fishing poleLure and Chum.

    l  Schooling fish area can be found in the sea. 

    l  Throwing the right Chum into the school of fish depends on which type of school of fish you would like to catch.

    l  Use your Sport Fishing skill in the school of fish by pressing “T” and wait until a fish bit the hook (You will hear the voice of combat).

    l  When the fish gets executed, the last thing you need to do is picking the fish.

    Well there are some safe zones where you can do sport fishing such as the Silent Forest at Haranya, you can do sport fishing there without worrying about anything, except pirates. Moreover, some players may ask that any advices on how to do fishing for beginners? Our suggests are

    1.       Think about farming which can help you out by planting bundles and giving baits.

    2.       Do quests.

    3.       Ask help from guild mate who can help you with Sport fishing.


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