Archeage Unchained - The Daru Festival

By Anna2021-05-20

The annual Archeage Unchained Dalu Festival has begun. MmoGah would like to share the latest details here.


Learn more about Darus and help tend to their newest bunch of eggs. Keep them content and deliver the matured eggs to Eggwarden Dolbu, and be rewarded for your help during such an important time!


Archeage Unchained Daru Festival


What Is It

The Daru Festival is mostly about the Daru paying other people to do work for them. In this particular instance, it is Daru egg-laying season, and they need help caring for all the Daru eggs that have suddenly appeared in Ahnimar. Players will get to care for weird little psychic Daru eggs, fend off hungry Skyfins, and dig for buried Daru treasure during the festivities. And for their efforts, they will be rewarded with Daru Festival Coins, which can be exchanged for all manner of Daru-themed furniture and decor items.


Archeage Unchained Daru Egg Cradle


What Can You Do

During the Daru Festival, all players above Lv. 30 will have the chance to accept various daily quests at the Eggwarden Dolbu, Tarini, and Aliniri near Lotus Song Garden in Ahnimar, which will be turned into a festival zone. You need to complete the quests in exchange for Daru Festival Coins, and you can exchange at the Festival Gift Exchanger on Mirage Isle for various unique items. For what items are exchangeable, you can click on the official website to know more.


You need to pay close attention to Ian since he needs your help to find Daru's treasure 3 times a day at 12 PM, 4 PM, and 8 PM PDT and acquire additional Daru Festival Coins!


Please get to the Ahnimar by using the Worldgates in Austera, Marianople, and Diamond Shores, then start your journey with Tarini in Ahnimar's Community Center.


When Is It

The event started on May 13. But don't worry, there's still some time left, since the event will end on May 27 at 1 AM UTC (May 26, 11 PM PDT). Give your love to these Daru eggs as soon as you can!


Personal Opinions

In a word, this event holds a special place in the Localization team's heart. I am absolutely obsessed with the Daru in general, and I love this event because I can finally collect all the Daru furniture. The Daru aren't as goofy as they look. They know EXACTLY what they're doing, and they're doing it for a reason. It makes me so weirdly happy to have that confirmed after all this time.


Anyway, they have decor for the housing fans, a book for the lore nerds, and titles and gilda for the min-maxers. We can then expect a full writeup from the community dept as the event approaches, and brush up on your babysitting skills, because there's going to be a whole helluva lott'a eggs popping up in Ahnimar in the very near future.


Discover more about them with the latest Daru Festival! Log into ArcheAge: Unchained and help the Eggwardens because they need a hero like you! Deliver some eggs, find treasures and be friend with Darus.


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