• Archeage Unchained Gold Guide For Godfrey and Carmila
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    This guide aims to introduce you to the basic archeage unchained gold-making concepts that will help you learn how to take your money-making skills to the next level. The methods below, which our MmoGah provided, will help you make some quick and easy gold in archeage unchained.


    Brief Introduction

    There are a couple of things to be worth a lot of money in the fresh start release. Cactus and thistles can be used for your mainstream questline. You need wool and ground grain for the west, and for the east, you need bananas and chopped produce. We made over a thousand gold within the first day just by harvesting cactus and vessel. We added a couple of things to the list too.


    Archeage Cactus Location

    There are only two spawns for cactus. The “first one”(Please refer to the picture I attached)

    is right outside of the harani, and there are about 20 cactuses in the starting zone.


    first one


    Next is at Sunbite Wilds, and for warborn, it's really good because they spawn at Harani Construction Site. You can go down this area here,


    Next map


    make a loop around, then go down to the next one and loop it around. And then you go all the way down here. This one continues, and then you do run both of them. So cactus can be really good. Since there are not many places, not many people know where it spawns. You could sell it for up to gold each, and for me, I’m harvesting three to five cactus per click, so it's really good money.


    Archeage Thistle Location

    For thistle, it's a bit more common, and a really good spot. It's like queenstiger spine foul course. There are quite a few other places like the castle along the road here, and it's a more common plant.


    Archeage Thistle Location


    The next thing is lily. It's pretty much all over the place in almost every zone. There is a quest for the game. And for the priestess, it gives gold for it.



    The next thing is wool, which is kind of a harder one to get. Because we didn't have land early on, and you need it for your six by sixteen quest. So the best place to get it is dewstone. Right Royster's Camp and also on the other side, there's a little camp here(Please refer to the picture I attached).


    Royster's Camp


    And then also there are some sheep down here in the mountains. So that's your best place to get wool. You click it and eat sheep, then you're going to know combined feed which you can buy from a vendor right over here, and it gives you like 19 wool.


    best place to get wool

    For The East

    Then for the east, you need bananas and chopped produce. Banana spawned at Sanddeep, and you'll find them here in ear area, and there's also some in this little spot down here. Trade packs are worth 130. I know many gold sellers rushed trade runs with their farm cart or even just with a donkey.


    For The East


    Blue Salt Bond Trade Runs

    Now for the blue salt bond trade runs, these ones can give you 90 gold each. So if you look at the mats, they're all the same. When you're doing blue salt bond, you will get up to 90 gold per trade run. Since we don't have many haulers and doing one run of this is pretty time-efficient for gold, you might want to look into that.



    Early-game lumber is going to be really hard to get early on. There are going to be legally free farms. Thunderstrucks are going to be extremely expensive until land comes out because once the land farms come out, everyone can plant trees and get thunderstrucks easily. Also, it's kind of hard to get lumber before the housing comes out, so we had better lumber right as people are trying to build their houses and place their farms. That’s when lumber is really expensive, and it is the best time to sell it. Once you start gearing up, there's going to be mobs that you can kill for good money and dungeon that you can clear. Moles are really good money, and they're only found in ehm.


    Silver Crate Farming

    And then for silver crate farming, you can farm silver crates pretty early on, and the best place to farm them is this area right here.(Please refer to the picture I attached)


    Silver Crate Farming


    You kill some things called trodons, which look like raptors. The silver crates can be somewhere between five to ten gold each, and add this free labor, you can easily make like four to five hundred gold per hour there.



    Some events are going to be extreme eop, so it's going to change the market completely this way. That's something you're going to need to keep track of, and lastly, I want to go over Archepass. Doing your Archepass is the single most valuable thing in the game, which is way more valuable than a lot of things that you know. You can use the diligence coins to buy things you cannot buy anywhere else like gliders mounts. You know there are some things in here that have gold value, and it's just a really crazy big thing. So you definitely want to do the arts fast on all of your alts every week if possible, and that's pretty much it.


    For more content about the gold guide, please check Darthchocolates's video directly. He is a really good player, and his video is very helpful.




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