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    By Shirley Huang2020-07-24 00:00:00

    Player(s) versus player(s), better known as PvP, is a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game between two or more live participants. PvP battle is obviously one of the most attractive parts that players are fond of in ArcheAge Unchained.

    Today will share with you a fanatic PvP guide. This is a real player Melting Seoul’s guide. All of the content of this article is quoted from this video.

    I am making this video solely for the purpose of helping those of you that are wanting to get into PvP for fanatic and don’t really know where to get started necessarily, and I hope that it is helpful for you.

    archeage unchained pvp-1

    I am definitely putting out a ton of fanatic stuff, and I want to start off with a few of the basics. The basics would be two skills that go hand-in-hand, so the first one I am going to talk about here would be the Mana bolts and the Serpent’s glare. When you pop them, they essentially turn you amenable. If you want to do a decent amount of damage in a very short amount of time, Serpent’s glare and Mana Bolts can combo together.

    archeage unchained pvp-2

    After that, you would have BladeFall and God’s Whip, which is one of your big combo skills. You would have dropped back and fire bolts, Serpent's bite, and malicious bind.


    The first class I'm going to talk about is Abolisher. It is a popular class in the game, with a strong ability in PvP and dungeon. Those of you that unaware of what is an abolisher, DPS tank is throwing down my magic circle. The main reason why I do that is it's a safety net in case. The main reason why I did was that I want to get as much damage off as possible in the early rounds this way. I'm keeping on the pressure, and it allows me to keep tracking of the flow in the battle.

    I did an overwhelming disengagement, it is the key way to play fanatic, and you can keep your range that goes for archers and pretty much any other mage class or healers depending on what kind of Huey you play. If you're a cloth user, you are going to have a hard time against a melee class if they get you on a trip. If you're a cloth user, you don't have a lot of physical defense, which means that you are most likely going to die in that one combo, especially if they hit you for 10,000-15,000, so you'll notice that I've been using the instant meteor.


    It's essentially minus 666 attack speed and then reduces its movement speed by 90%, which is extremely good, especially in a 1v1 scenario. When you are fighting, if it is running a heel spec that is going to be extremely hard for you to be able to out DPS them unless you give them in a balanced arena kind of scenario like the one I just showed you in most cases. A tank healer with ADOT build will be a cheese class, and you're pretty much not guaranteed to win, so I would suggest fighting in the gladiator arena instead of fighting in the Sparring Arena.

    archeage unchained pvp-3


    The Sparring arena is equalized, and it doesn't really help your skill if you're getting chased by a tank healer class. A couple of matches down the line, and you'll notice that he doesn't really change his play style. If you're finding the same person, you will adapt to how he plays, so that's going to lose this match here, but I throw down the magic circle again as a safety net. Of course, I popped the insulating lens to reduce incoming damage, and then your main opener will be malicious bind or a Serpent's bite, you'll notice that he got too close to me, and then that was a perfect moment for me to throw down malicious pine and keep him in place.


    I am going to talk about the Openers you can use as a fanatic in PvP, so number one you have serpent’s bite using a lot in those two fights, malicious bind, and those are both two CCS that you absolutely want to use in a 1v1. If you are afraid that the serpent’s bite is not going to land before the opponent hits, you can magic circle away from the damage and then allow serpent’s bite to keep hitting them.


    The next person I am going to be fighting here is a fanatic person, so it is going to be a fanatic versus fanatic in most scenarios if you are fighting your mirror class. It is going to be boring, but it will show you who knows your class better, so this guy opens up with the ghastly pack, the thing that I think about the gassy pack is not a good opener, he has a chance to hit me with serpents bite, but he don’t allow me to hit him with serpents bite, and then I also hit him with that malicious spine. Now he is smart, and he applies his serpent’s glare and starts doing crashing waves with malicious bind, but unfortunately, that didn’t really do enough damage.

    archeage unchained pvp-4

    Because he didn’t use a skill before actually popping the serpent’s glare, so serpent’s glare with crashing wave does a lot more damage if you use a malice charge before actually using serpent’s clan, so I will insulate lens magic circle down when I engage them this, why I always engage any other class with serpent’s bite. Because that consumes a malice charge, when I pop my Serpent’s Claire, it means that serpent’s claire does 10% more damage that is absolutely phenomenal, especially when fighting another fanatic, which is pretty much a contest of whoever can DPS down.

    archeage unchained pvp-5


    I'm going to tell you why I lose this fight in a balanced arena because any class that runs a healing spec with a defense pact and ADOT is going to kill you. You're just not going to have enough damage to be able to DPS their healing abilities, and you'll notice here that a cache comes really close at the end.

    I actually do God's Whip into Bladefall, unfortunately, he didn't have the shield during the bladefall time, and I don’t have any damage there. Everything is reduced in terms of damage when you're fighting anything with the defense spec up. Now you'll notice again here that he's trying to kill me with the do tease, he's trying to whittle me down, trying to make sure that he stays alive with the heals, that's what he's really relying on and in a ballast arena you really do not have any chance.


    Here you'll notice that he doesn't actually do a lot of damage. I'm still trying to keep moving. It's hard because he's keeping the pressure on, but I don't do enough damage, and it's pretty smart on his part. If you know your opponent doesn't do damage, you can just try to hug them as much as you can, and you'll notice here that he comes down really close about 3,000 HP left. I think if I have not missed that meteor there and I would have won this match.



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