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Archeage Unchained Beginners' Tips

Shirley Huang December 05th, 2019 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

Archeage Unchained can be a very overwhelming game for a new player, there's lots of systems to be aware of through the leveling process, such as Labor, Gear Upgrading, Specific Quest lines to not skip and a unique open world PVP system.

This is a real player TheLazyPeon’s video, I hope you can make your way to level 55 in Archeage Unchained and gain a decent understanding of the game. All of the content of this article is quoted from this video.

I am going to talk about all the fundamental stuff you should know and progress your way to level 55 in ArcheAge Unchained.

Faction and class selection

Starting on archeage unchained, you need to pick a faction and a starting skillset, typically the western new in faction are more popular in terms of faction balance than the East Harani faction, but honestly it just base your faction choice on what your friends are playing choice or what race you think the most appealing to play. Next you need to choose between 6 starting skillsets, because your overall class is determined by the combination of three different skillsets in total. There is 11 different skillsets in the game that you can mix and match to build your overall class.


I will give you some strong class suggestions for a few different play styles for melee to recommend. Popular classes are Dark Runner and Executioner. Dark runner is the combination of battlerage shadowplay and Auramanc, Executioner uses a battlerage, shadowplay and Occultism solid Healer choices consists of confessor cleric and edgewalker if you want to be a Mage spell singer and fanatic a solid choices. If you want to be a rogue, Deathwish is pretty good. If you want to be a ranger, your best choice is to play a band song.



Use a Ping Booster

Before you decide on a class in archeage unchained, you need to know what is the most ping reliance tab targeting MMORPG, you can play as the global cool down on abilities is very short and the game has a combo system where some abilities have almost no global cool down at all. This means that lower ping translates to faster attack speed and more DPS in archeage.

For example, play archeage unchained with a hundred and eighty m/s ping connecting from Thailand to Europe simply can’t play the archeage class in this game if you want to play archer, you need sub a 50 m/s ping anything higher and you should consider another class in order. I think the best classes to play with bad ping are Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Mage, Assassin DPS and Archer.


Activating the Labor System

Pick a class you’ve entered the game. The first thing you should do before actually playing the game is activate the Labor system on your account, this log into your accounts at and change Ryan world’s calm, as you will need your labor system to upgrade your gear during the leveling.


Level 1-30 has accelerated EXP

Until level 30, the game has a new streamlined a main quest reward system that essentially boosts you to level 30, without you doing any of the side quests except for 4 specific ones.


Choosing Armor and Weapons

The first few main quests in archeage unchained will reward you with a full set of cloth plates or leather armor depending on your choosing, as well as the choice between a selection of weapons. Every class can use every set of armor and equip any weapon. Most of the time it seems as though Rangers assassins and Melee DPS go for leather armor.

Each weapon combination has its pros and cons based on the type of armor you are attacking. To be honest, I just pick whatever weapons you think are cool, but mage classes obviously pick a staff heal as you want a one-handed mace and a shield. If you don’t know what weapons or armor to pick, don’t worry about making the wrong choice as before level 50, you can pretty much freely change your armor type and weapons with very minimal cost or effort.


Don’t skip these yellow quests

Leveling from 1 to 30 in archeage takes about 1 hour, so just follow the green main quests during this process. However there are a few side quests that you don’t want to skip that will reward you with a glider battle pets: Mount, Glider, Battle Pet and a Boats, so that’s 4 yellow side quests that you need to keep an eye out for. Because each race and faction has a different starting experience, the NPC’s which you will receive these quests from are different, depending on your race. Make sure you don’t miss out any of those things. I recommend checking out this video by raw logic that shows the location for each side quest for each race.


Leveling Gear Progression

As you are leveling to 30, you will notice that the main quests will be giving you these things called story quest infusions as well as awakening scrolls, the gear enhancement system in archeage is very simple. Using a scroll which will lower the grade but unlock more stats and allow it to be upgraded to heroic to go past heroic, you need to awaken your gear again and then it can go to unique, you are walking it again, and then it can go to celestial and so on.

During the questing process, there is no RNG related to the awakening of your gear or upgrading it. The only RNG comes in the form of the stats which your gear gets after it’s been awakened and these stats can essentially be re-rolled as many times as you like out the cost of labor and archeage unchained gold by resetting your gear.


What to do level 30 onwards

Hitting level 30, you are going to notice that the pace of the game slows down dramatically instead of guessing 4ck XP from doing a main quest. You are only going to 3k. Level 30 is essentially where the questing really begins everything prior.

Open the options menu, go to game info scroll all the way down and set the bottom option to unlimited. The mini-map will display every quest in the zone, instead of skipping side quests.

We want to do every single quest in the zone or at least 90 -95% of them until we are able to progress to the next zone.


Level 33+ Open World PVP

After you’ve finished the first level 30 zone cinder stone more for the West and Yanis tier for the east both factions from here, will be leveling in the same zones. The first one is Hal camp, this is where you are most likely going to get your first taste of archeage open world pvp system. 

This works is that every zone cycles through periods of peace tension conflicts and war when a zone is at peace opposite faction members can’t kill each other when it changes to tensions players can kill each other, but they don’t get any rewards for it during conflict and war players get honor and xp for killing each other. During tension and conflict status low-level players and receive a big damage reduction buff when attacked by players 10 levels or higher than them during war.


Don’t skip this Questline

When leveling through hell, I highly recommend starting the blue salt brotherhood quest line which is indicated on the map as a leaf icon, this quest line will eventually give your own farm and a lot of XP as well as teaching you the basics of professions, do not skip this quest line, you will only end up coming back to do it later.


Upgrade Glider as soon as possible

I highly recommend upgrading your glider to the ultimate version as soon as possible, you can do this at level 30 once you are in your first real questing zone to upgrade your glider, you need to get the blueprints from Mirage isle. There is a portal for this in both cinder stone, more for the West and Yanis tier for the east, go to the Glider designs area on the map and buy the enhanced improved and ultimate Glider designs this will cost you a total of 30 gilder stars which you


Leveling from 30-45

From level 30 to 45 you are just going to spam the yellow side-quests and do your blue soul brotherhood quest line at level 40, you can queue for an equalized 10 v 10 pvp battleground and spend the tokens you get for winning or losing on adventurers Grove stones if you want some easy XP and a break from the mindless questing.


Do Crimson Rift as early as possible

Some easy XP and a break from the mindless questing. I recommend you do as early as level 30 is the crimson rift daily quests. Crimson rift is an in-game event that takes place at every day in game time, so once every 4 hours or so real life time on the west faction.


Leveling From 45-55

At level 45, leveling in archeage can speed up a bear and you no longer need to spam yellow quests instead the most efficient way to level up is to pay another player 5 archeage gold to teleport you to aegis island here, you will look for a group and grind mobs together until level 55 when you get to ages island type slash shout and a spam healer or DPS looking for group Aegis grind, and eventually you will be invited to a group.


Rerolling Gear Changing Stats

Make sure you’ve got the right stats on it. Replacing effects during the gear upgrade process. However there is only a limited amount of effect replacement.

Do not buy a normal ever stone. Use the adventures ever stone on your gear, the gear will disappear and you will have all the awakening scrolls and infusions back. Go to the armor merchant or weapon merchant to repurchase the base questing gear that you want and keep upgrading, and using your adventurers ever stone on your gear until you get the stats you desire, this obviously costs a bit of archeage unchain gold and a lot of labor, but honestly it’s worth it in the long run


Never Cap out your Labor Points

During the leveling, you will see your labor cap out of 5k. You are wasting gold and XP by having your labor cap if you want to drain some labor fast, you can go to any scarecrow of a player owned farm in the housing district and crafted tax certificates, you will need these later anyway and they will give you 17k XP per 300 labor that you spend crafting them, but that’s pretty much everything.


Want to learn more guides or tips? Please visit our site: mmogah.

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