• ArcheAge Strategy Guide for the Dungeon of Greater Howling Abyss
    By John Ryan2015-10-23 00:00:00

    Greater Howling Abyss is a very famous dungeon among the ArcheAge players who are interested in team fight and dungeon farming. The dungeon is designed for 5 players which is located in Northern Hellswamp of Western continent Nuia. When a team successfully beats all the bosses there in the dungeon, a lot of really nice weapons, armor sets and other attractive rewards will be granted to the five players.


    However, some of the players may ask that “Is there any chance that I can farm in this dungeon alone?”, and the answer is “Yes”. If you are a player whose level is equal to or over 50, it probably takes approximately half an hour to finish it, while if you are a newbie, farming in this dungeon will take very long time for about at least 2 hours.  



    First Boss of Greater Howling Abyss: Viboros The Golden

    l  Total HP of the boss: 280,000  

    l  Boss Level: 50

    l  Main skills of Viboros The Golden:

    1.       Large AOE damage of tail-attack

    2.       Spawn eggs in high frequency

    3.       Cast Ice onto the floor and froze players

    4.       Randomly Charge a player in the room

    l  TIPS:

    1.       Need to have at least a tank in your team, if not, all the team members need to keep reasonable distance and kite the boss.

    2.       Try to destroy the eggs from the boss before they hatch.


    Second Boss of Greater Howling Abyss: Ironblade Godfrey

    l  Total HP of the boss: 280,000

    l  Boss Level: 50

    l  Main skills of Ironblade Godfrey:

    1.       Spinning and casting magical bullets

    2.       Spinning and jumping around from a player to another

    3.       Spinning into a fire and flying before explosion

    l  TIPS:

    1.       When the boss catches on fire, do make the most massive attack to the boss. Remember this, do not miss the timing.

    2.       Remember to take ice buff before the boss hits you guys with his flame attack.


    Third Boss of Greater Howling Abyss: Calleil The Cursed

    l  Total HP of the boss: 270,000

    l  Boss Level: 50

    l  Main skill of Calleil The Gursed: The boss likes to use water power to attack others.

    l  TIPS:

    1.       Try to keep your team’s Ranged DPS staying away the ground.

    2.       Well use of protective wings to doge the damage when the boss floods the room.


    Fourth Boss of Greater Howling Abyss: Musperosa’s Spirit

    l  Total HP of the boss: 316,141

    l  Boss Level: 50

    l  Main skill of Musperosa’s Spirit: Aggro

    l  TIPS:

    1.       Tank needs to kite the boss in very big circles around the room in order to avoid getting damage.

    2.       When the boss lefts half of HP, it’s the best time to release massive damages from all the members, so don't miss the best oppotunite to kite and kill him.


    Fifth Boss of Greater Howling Abyss: Ancient Titan Musperosa

    l  Total HP of the boss: 320,000

    l  Boss Level: 50

    l  Main skills of Ancient Titan Musperosa:

    1.       Aggro

    2.       Glowing balls

    l  TIPS:

    1.       For avoiding the glowing balls, players need to run to a corner, grab a shield and press “R” key to reflect his gaze and turn him into a stone.

    2.       The DPS in the team should pay attention to the Balls from the boss, and try best to doge it.


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