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ArcheAge PvP Guide: Queue for ArcheAge PvP Arena

John Ryan September 23rd, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   


There are usually two main categories of arena PvP in the game of ArcheAge- 1v1 and 5v5. Basically PvP of 1v1 is more rewarding of honor, while 5v5 is relatively less rewarding compared with 1v1. In this guide, we’ll talk about the subject of PvP Arena battle and share some suggestions to those ArcheAge players who are interested in this area.


PvP of 1v1 Arena Battle

Advantage: More rewarding of honor granted if players win battles.


1.       A little “gear dependent”: 1v1 needs decent gear for high winning rate.

2.       Hard to handle for the new players because it requires high level of playing skill.


How to join 1v1 Arena Battle in ArcheAge?

Find the key man Gladiator recruiter and talk to him in the game. Usually players can find the recruiter in their capital city by going on to Map, then finding Merchant, finally meeting Gladiator recruiter.


Suggestions from us:

        -Classes of Darkrunner, Dafferspell, Skullnight, etc. are more strong and suitable for 1v1 arena battle.

 -Although it's not the only crucial winning factor, the fact is that more geared players can dominate 1v1 battle. So players who intend to take part in arena 1v1 battle need to stock an amount of ArcheAge gold for better gear. Purchasing gold in game and finding a legit and trustworthy ArcheAge gold seller to buy  safe and cheap gold are both the suggested and operated ways.


PvP of 5v5 Arena Battle


1.       Suitable for the players who are good at team playing.

2.       Players can gain special titles that slightly rise maximum health and honor.  

Disadvantage: Less honor rewarded compared with 1v1.


How to join 5v5 Arena Battle in ArcheAge?

Find the key man Arena recruiter and talk to him in the game. Usually players can find this recruiter in their capital city by going on to Map, then finding Merchant, finally meeting Arena recruiter.


5v5 is simple that the team with the most kills before the timer runs out wins. It’s nothing else but just killing, so try to get as more kills as you can. There are some information about 5v5 arena that players need to know or to be aware of in below.

l  There are some interesting or maybe odd mechanics. Players can get some varied abilities from getting more kills, but most of these abilities can only be used once.

l  5v5 also has quest line associated with it, which offers further arena progression.

l  In the game of ArcheAge the quest chain is called Rite of the Gladiator and the only objective for it is to kill opponents in arena.

l  The increased honor obtained only seems to apply to 5v5 arena not 1v1, however the additional health is pretty good.

Suggestions from us:

1.       In 5v5 arena, class of Ranged should take advantage of the towers or bridge whereas Melee should slyly attempt to stop them from getting to unreachable or difficult points.

2.       Try to better use of arena map to quickly search and destroy enemy.

3.       Back to your base to quickly get health retreating if there’s no healer in your team during war of 5v5.


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