• ArcheAge New Update: Revelation Launching on December 10th
    By Alice Fu2016-12-05 00:00:00



    1. Revelation is the new ArcheAge Patch 3.0
    2. New playable races: Dwarves and Warborn, Dwarf Transformation & Warborn Transformation
    3. New Zones extended (from Snowy Peaks to Arid Desert)
    4. New Abyssal Power abilities which will change PvP, PvE
    5. Get more out of Families and Crafting
    6. New mounts
    7. Fresh Start Servers


    ArcheAge Patch 3.0: Revelation is upcoming on December 10th, 2016, which will introduce many new things and features in the game. Just summarized as above, these new changes and challenges will bring players with a fantasy new world of Archeage.


    New Races

    The expecting Dwarf and Warborn races will be highly anticipated. There are new zones waiting for players to explore – Dwarves’ and Warborns’ homelands – Aubre Gradle, Airain Rock and Sunbite Wilds.

    The Dwarf race will belong to the Nuian Faction (Western Continent), and players will follow their unique story line through two new zones (Aubre Gradle and Airain Rock) which are located in the western-central area of Nuia.

    The Warborn race will become a part of Haranya faction (Eastern Continent), and players will explore the zones through Ezna Massacre and Sunbite Wilds zones.


    New Housing Areas

    Patch Revelation will introduce additional two more residential housing areas: one is Ahnimar located west of Hellswamp in Nuia, and the other is Rokhala Mountains located in north of Hasla in Haranya. Both of these two housing areas are kind of very large ones in the game with peaceful atmosphere.

    The new housing areas support crafting trade packs and specialty packs, that is to say, they will become trade locations and boost commerce in ArcheAge game.


    Abyssal Skills

    Abyssal Skills are end-game abilities which can make a character continue to progress when it reaches the maximum level in a skill tree. Only one of a character’s three active skill trees can have Abyssal Skillset enabled, allowing further character class definition. Because of this, PvP in Archeage will be largely influenced, which is so to PvE.


    Fresh Start Servers

    New accounts will be required to access the Fresh Start Servers, in order to decrease the influences of legacy servers in Loyalty, Labor and Credits. Totally separated from legacy servers, the Fresh Start Servers will allow new players to enjoy the most of the game. More detailed information of fresh start servers is waited to reveal and hope it will be soon.

    The new patch Revelation is definitely the best time to play ArcheAge. With the new update coming this month, this December must be a HOT month of ArcheAge. Be there or be square!


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