• ArcheAge Class System Guide: Choose the Right Class
    By John Ryan2015-11-20 00:00:00

    archeage class system

    ArcheAge gives gamers a deep impression of having a complicated class system, but we would like to say it is not complicated, it actually has a unique class system.  Let’s see some basic information of the class first.  Essentially players can choose three different types of specializaions, and  there are 120 classes in total as well in ArcheAge that players can choose from.

    Specifically, ArcheAge revolves around the combination of three varied types of specializations. In another word, players can combine a set with any three different specializations they like. All in all, ArcheAge class system is formed by a set of three specializations and a class (which can be choosen from the 120 classes).

    The class system, despite being flexible, is not complicated we think. See the details below:

    l  Players choose the first specialization when they create their own character, and then choose the other two specializations as they gain different higher levels.

    l  By the time players who reach to level 10, all three specializations are avaible for them to choose from.

    l  At this time, players also are allowed to pay ArcheAge gold to reset all the three specializations that they already chose even resetting the frist specialization.

    l  After finishing the three specializations, let’s move to the next step: trinity system setting. Players now need to place points into skills that they prefer to improve. This system allows players to customize their characters’ skillsets.

    The customizations allow players to have numerous of interesting choices. Here we would like to list some classes as examples. See more details in below graphics.

     Dark Musician


    Fortune Teller


    Because a character is a combination of varied three specializations and one from 120 classes, so the options are limitless and have much fun. The right options can be an powerful asset while soloing the game or leveling up characters. However, the flexible system is also not perfect for the balance of class. For example, some classes are OP, and a few classes are undervalued such as the hybrid classes. The good news is Trion will continue to modify the isssue of class balance. ArcheAge is a fun game with lots of options inside it. ArcheAge is worth playing.

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