• 16x16 Farming Guide How Your ArcheAge Gold Is Important
    By John Ryan2014-12-01 00:00:00

    When you are an ArcheAge newbie, you may have confidence in farming archeage gold by yourself, through plenty of tasks or some simple crafting activities, certainly, it comes like that at the beginning, however, with your higher level, you will find you can hardly do anything without buying some archeage gold. As a staff working at MmoGah, I have seen many tangled players when they first coming to our site, on one hand, they indeed need buying some archeage gold, however on the other hand, they will concern about getting banned, they lift the concern after reading the following article from a first-timeffxiv gil customer of MmoGah, even though they are different games, your feelings for buying first time are really the same.

    Should I buy in-game currency or not ?

    As what I say above, a 16x16 Plano Farm needs 1 Scarecrow Garden Design, 1 Lumber, and 25 tax certificates, it’s obvious that you need some archeage gold to buy them on Mirage Isle or buy off the Auction House, you needn’t to worry about if you don’t have enough archeage gold, you can simply buy some archeage gold from MmoGah and if you like, we can buy what you need off the Auction House for you, try the first time then you will find it simple and helpful.

    At level 10, your character can access the Quest chain to lead you to have your first farm size 8x8. For this, you must go to Lilyut Hills and find a NPC called "Merchant Recruiter"....

    Before you can own your first farm, you have to complete some simple tasks that the Merchant Recruiter give you:

    1. Farming Necessity: consists of going to the well located in the center of the community farm that is right behind him, and take five buckets of water.

    2. Caring for Corn: After completing the first quest, you will be asked watering some plants on either side of the NPC.

    3. Planting Potatoes: The 3rd. quest will ask you to perform buy 1 seed potato and sow it everywhere within the community farm.

    4. Meeting the Daru: This time you should talk to the Auctioneer Daru, which is located at the right of Merchant Recruiter. You’ll find him standing next to the portal that leads to Mirage Island.

    5. A Garden of Your Own: Daru again ask you to talk to the Merchant Recruiter, who at the end of the conversation ask you a few seconds to find your reward. After a few seconds you ever talk to him to collect your reward ...

    Where we think we will set houses and farms:

    • Scarecrow Garden Design (Plano Farm 16x16)

    • 1 Lumber (needed to build your farm items)

    • 25 tax certificates (to pay the tax building)

    What you need to do is buying these items with your gold, just head on to MMOGAH for secure trading, helpful guide, friendly service, we guarantee we are the most honest archeage gold seller.

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