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12 Tips for ArcheAge Players to Learn Mechanics

John Ryan October 02nd, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   


Learning the subject of Mechanics and well using of them in the game of ArcheAge are really helpful for ArcheAge players, especially for the new comers. In this guide, we summarized 12 tips for better understanding the core information of mechanics and getting rid of confusions from things like piracy and PvP.


1.     When character’s level reached 10, it could start to do the starting quests for the rewards of mount, glider, rowboat, and several other useful tools.

2.     Players should pay attention to each step when doing starting quests.

3.     The glider quest is very easy to miss, therefore players should try to do every starting quest. Before doing glider quest, players should learn everything and prepare all tools they need in order to get success.

4.     Trading can make Glider Stars, and players need Glider Stars to build anything in their area.

5.     Mirage Island should become the first place that players learn how to get to after having a grasp in the game, because players will find that most of the major items are sold on that island.

6.     Players should be aware that the plants which they plant in public planting areas could be destroyed or even be stolen by other players. But players have two days of protection on public planting areas.

7.     Players can be granted Scarecrow through successfully finishing the Blue Salt Brotherhood trade route quests. Moreover, Players who have Patron status can plant them. Accordingly, players usually can have one large piece and one small piece.

8.     Everything costs players’ labor points, so be sure to manage labor points well.

9.     Patron Status helps earning more labor points, and it is the core item for ArcheAge players to build and do other things efficiently.

     10.  For the players who are not interested in fighting or a little confused at  what to do in ArcheAge, trading might be a good choice. Players can earn ArcheAge gold or Glider Stars through the way of trading.

11.  Vehicle is a popular transport tool in the game and it can carry multiple trade packs, and that’s why it runs so slow.

12.  Building takes a lot of time and efforts. Do have serious thoughts on question like ‘how many resources and labor points do I have and do I actually need in building issue?’ Moreover, if players intend to build something, and can’t finish it within 3 days because of lacking resources or labor points, then the property will be destroyed. And everything is gone.


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