10 Tips For Players in ArcheAge Unchained

By Anna2021-06-04

Hi, Archeage Unchained has been launched for a long time, but the players' love for it never decays.Today, MmoGah will share 10 tips that you can do in Archeage Unchained, by which we hope to help increase your level as soon as possible or avoid making mistakes in the game.


Number One - Level Up

Like all MMOs, your level is essential. The higher your level is, the stronger your skills will be. Your first focus should be trying to reach level 55 as quickly as possible. You can do this by doing the green quest, which is the main storyline quests up to level 30. Then start doing some of the side quests, as you continue to do the main storyline quest. The gear you obtain through the main storyline quests will become stronger as you go along until Hiram gear. Once reaching level 45, you can do your main storyline quest in the side quest. Be sure to head to Aegis Island to farm Griffins and other mobs there. These mobs will allow you to gain the most amount of XP and get you to level 55 quickly and efficiently.


Archeage Unchained Level


Number Two - Manage Your Labor

Labor is widely important in Archeage Unchained and is used in almost everything. It is a kind of in-game currency that has real-life value. The labor bar is found at the bottom left of your screen. Every five minutes, you will get ten labor points, so you can get 2880 labor per day, and it caps at 5,000. So in order to get labor capped by using your labor, be sure that you are doing labor-intensive tasks like crafting and upgrading your gear through infusion.


Number Three - Get Land

Housing and farms are essential to Archeage unchained. They allow you to grow materials you need for crafting store items and set up shop in an area that no one can steal from. This will help you generate archeage unchained gold through crafting. If you want to get some land, gold will be vital.


Number Four- Join a Guild

Archeage Unchained is not like some other MMOs that want you to solo farm. It is a very social game in which you need to work together with your guild and faction to achieve endgame content. Joining a guild will allow you to get unique rewards by completing the daily guild quests. These rewards are prestige which can be spent on items in the perceives shop to improve your gear. If you do not have a guild, you can find it on Reddit, where there is someone who is looking for guild members. Playing with other people will make your Archeage Unchained experience way better.


Number Five - Do Your Dailies

There are a lot of dailies to do in Archeage Unchained, and most have a specific time that they will be allowed to be completed. Be sure you are doing them because they will give honor, infusions, gilda stars and experience. And all of these are very important. And the infusion dailies also can upgrade your gear.


Number Six - Pick a Proficiency and Stick With It

Proficiencies are the crafting portion of this game. There are 22 proficiencies for crafting. Each one will require you to rank up or level it up by using labor points in that proficiency. In order to craft endgame materials, you will have to have a higher proficiency in certain areas. For example, if you want the best endgame weapons, you will have to have a hundred and eighty thousand weaponsmithing. This means that you have spent a hundred and eighty thousand labor points in that area. It is important to pick a proficiency you want and stick with it. As you increase your rank of proficiency, the amount of labor you used on a task will decrease, the time spent on a task will decrease, and the amount of exp you get will increase. This all means that you will be making more archeage unchained gold using your labor if you stick with proficiency.


Number Seven - Learn The Trade System

A central core to the economy of Archeage Unchained is moving trade packs. Each pack will require you to bring a certain amount of materials, combine them at a machine, and then take them to the respective destination. Moving packs can be very profitable, but you can also get ganked and lose your packs. It's important to understand how the system works, whether you are moving the packs or trying to pirate them.


Number Eight - PvP

Archeage Unchained is an open-world PvP sandbox, where you can fight people in almost any zone on the map. So you will run into people who will want to fight. Most people's favorite memories of Archeage Unchained usually involve some forms of PvP, either the epic 100 versus 100 fight to claim black dragon or the small ganking squad that you and your friend fought to protect your packs. Combat is core to archeage unchained, and it is important that you come to enjoy it, so get out there and fight.


Number Nine - Get A Boat

Archeage Unchained has some of the best naval combat of any game. There are Clippers merchants, fishing boats, warships, and even submarines, which can be used to make some great adventures. Be sure to invest in a boat where you'll end up growing across the ocean in a rowboat.


Archeage Unchained Boat


Number Ten - Just Explore

The game is about grinding up points, but it is ok to take a break and just go around the world and explore. The game has a lot to offer and do, from discovering cool hidden caves, fishing for sports fish on the open seas, raising polar bears to raising sunken ships for treasure, even going to jail. So except all the fighting, gear, progression, dailies and trade packs, take some time with your friends, go sit on a boat, and cruise around. You might enjoy it more than you know.


These ten valuable tips are quoted from MrSteal ‘s video. If you like his video, you can subscribe to his Youtube channel.



In conclusion, spending a little time making a plan for the game will help you reach a higher level and do better in the game. We hope these ten tips will make your gameplay more smooth and enjoyable. In addition, if you need archeage unchained gold, MmoGah has cheap archeage unchained gold for sale. Become our VIP, and you can enjoy greater discounts. You are welcome to visit our website at any time.

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