How to setup and manage notifications?

On-Site Notifications

We advise all sellers and buyers to setup their notifications settings to make sure responses are done in a timely manner. To monitor any notifications on MmoGah you can view the current status next to your profile name in the top right hand corner of the page. Any new messages or other events will appear there until read.

1. To enable or disable sound notifications click the bell then click the sound icon. The disabled sound will appear as muted.

2. To view a history of notifications you can access it on the Notifications Page. You can also mark the notifications as read to clear your notification reminder queue.

Email and Discord Notifications

Emails are sent to your profile email whenever a new notification occurs. You can check or change your email here on the Login Details tab.

  1. From your account, select Notification Settings.
  2. On the Notifications Settings tab, review your email settings.
  3. To update, click the toggle button for each type of notification you wish to enable.
  4. Select which notifications you wish to enable, and click Update Settings.
  5. To enable notifications as private messages on Discord connect your account.

Browser Notifications

Browser notification popups can be enabled for push events. These can be useful if you are not constantly monitoring your email or notifications on MmoGah. You will receive a small popup in your window whenever a new notification appears.

1. Select the bell icon then click subscribe to push notifications.

2. If you are not receiving any notification popups make sure to check in Chrome that you are allowing them from

3. If you are not receiving any notification popups make sure to check in Firefox that you are allowing them from

Mobile Notifications

Mobile notifications help you stay in contact with sellers and buyers on the go. Currently only Android notifications work for mobile devices. Make sure to sign up with Chrome browser if you have issues.

1.To received mobile push messages select the bell icon and click "Subscribe to Push Notifications"


2. Click Allow in your browser to receive new notifications.

SMS Notifications or Custom Channels

If the above notifications types do not fulfill your requirements then we advise you to configure custom settings. There are a few tools that can be setup to keep track of your MmoGah notifications. We do not provide any support or setup for custom notifications.

Example custom notifications:

  • Sync notifications on multiple devices with Pushbullet -
  • Receive SMS notifications (Setup the filter to only forward subject contains: MmoGah - Elite Gamer Marketplace)
  • Other types, Slack, Telegram, Discord, Skype can be configured with Zapier or similar tools.

Notification types

  • Offer notifications: Alerts you when you receive a new offer.
  • New message notifications: Alerts you when you have been messaged by a user.
  • Reports: Alert you when there is a dispute or another user has claimed an issue.